Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh Daddy....Thanks for DORA THE EXPLORER

Now, you would not know it from these pictures but Kya is still sick with RSV and we just got back from the DR for the 4th time. Daddy had a rough time at the DR. He had to take her to get an X-RAY and when he came back in he was very emotional and the nurse came in after him and said "well the Daddy did not do very good." I guess he had to put her in a torture chamber as he called it, between plexi glass and hold her arms still for the X-RAY. He already let me know I will be doing all the X-RAYS from now on. She is wheezing and coughing a lot and is taking 6 breathing treatments a day now. When we stopped to get her prescriptions, Daddy came out of the store with a BIG STUFFED DORA. Kya was snoozing so she did not see her until Daddy brought her in....Her EYES REALLY LIT UP. I am not sure but I think Me, My Mom, and Shawn laughed more than Kya Blu.
Love at First Sight...the moment Daddy walked into the room with her new BIG DORA
OH DORA....I been waiting to give you a BIG OLE HUG my whole life
Oh Daddy you saved the day by giving me Dora
Hey Dora your eyes look like mine
Dora is coming to give me a hug now
When I saw her waling my way I stood up ALL BY MYSELF and grabbed her by the hair
I tried to dance with her but she kept falling down

Dora is that my Nana behind you
Watch me give Dora a big ole snotty Kiss....Nana
Dora wants to play with my toys...but I beat her to this one...well I thought I did
Oh Dora come on over and be my Friend....I will show you how to make music
Hey Dora you want to chew on my Oinks when I bite it on this end and Quacks when I bite the duck on the other end
Lets play getcha getcha getcha

Dora is tickling me A LOT
Not my Tummy Dora....HAHAHAHAHA
I am going to get you DORA...if I can just quit laughing and get up
POOPED OUT...Dora makes a great friend and I hope she is still here when I wake up!!!


Holly G. said...

Poor baby!!! I hope she gets better soon, it must be so hard seeing her like that.

It looks like Dora can hang at playtime but Bunny still takes over at naptime. I love that last picture.

Ashley said...

She is such a sweet little honey! Her nana looks like a proud nana.

Natalie said...

Those pictures of her when she first saw Dora are PRICELESS! It's just a genuine look of excitement in her eyes! What a sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

What an ange pie! She is to cute!

Julia and the Crew

Rhonda Perry said...

Oh Kya, poor baby...i hope you feel better.

Candy- she is so smiley, she doesn't even look sick. What a trooper!

Crystal said...

This is sooo cute!!!!--Your story about your hubby was cracking me up!!! Too Too sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

I did not know my poor baby was sick! =(...I feel so bad for her, and Shawn (I know it IS SO HARD for him to do something that is going to make Kya uncomfortable)
But he really did save the day with DORA, it is just too cute to see her standing up on her own now...I wish I could see you all, and hold her again...mmm, las extra├▒amos mucho...las queremos muchisimo. Nos vemos pronto.

Maria Izabel and Pepe

Kerry said...

Poor angel baby. I hopes she gets over the hump soon. She's been fighting that for too long. Poor Daddy too. Daddys just don't have the stomach to see their baby girls go through things like that.