Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A little Laundry and a some picture's for Big Jon

Well I was trying to find a place to put Kya while I was folding laundry...she has the MAMAMAMA syndrome right now and wants to be where ever I am at. So I stuck her in the empty laundry sack...gave her a plastic hanger and she thought it was great fun...turns out its a great place to take a few pictures too. The first two and the last picture are by request... I will try to take some more pictures of her AWAKE...hehe...soon! I am up to my Match Making business.

Alicia and a cute little Ducky before Shogun...which is Alicia's favorite restaurant...Oh and Cheesecake Factory too!!!

Jon you better get on that phone and give her a call...we have a first date to arrange. I am thinking next Monday or Wednesday

What is this mom...I am clean really
Hand me a hanger please
Come on in MOM...
Big Bad Jon here is your sleeping beauty...rocking my sleeping beauty to sleep....HAHAHA Alicia has no idea I took this picture and she may want to wack me now...but what are best friends for?


Anonymous said...

With the news I shared with you recently our eating out days are OVER Sista!

PLEASE pig out at Outback for Me ~PLEASE!


Anonymous said...

Nana say: Lullaby and Goodnight-la la la la la la--get it?

Natalie said...

The laundry bag idea is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Such beatiful pictures of your beatiful princess in the laundry bag... I LOVE HER SMILE.
Love ya..
Maria Izabel