Sunday, December 17, 2006

More Partying at Grandma's

Oh How We Love this Silly Baby Girl

Grampa JD got me two bears...One OSU and One OU...I love them both so much.
The Look
I am a little Ham
If your happy and you know it wave your hand
This picture cracks me up....Nana and Kya Blu have the same look on there faces
Hey Auntie Carroll...let me teach you how to make music with your lips
Blub Blub Blub
My Little Shop till we drop partner
Patty Cake Patty Cake


Anonymous said...

She looks so gorgeous in Red Candy! How are you???????


Kerry said...

Boy, she just doesn't get any love does she? ;-)

Anonymous said...

ohhh my! it's impossible not to adore her!!! she's always as sweet as I remember her to be...I just think she's a princess and she looks incredible in red!!!
love ya both
Maria Izabel

ginger said...

I love the picture of "The Look". Kya is so adorable. Love the outfit.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet, adorable, precious baby girl that you have!! Could you please post some pictures your husband and his precious baby girl together?!