Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Climbing to the TOP

Kya Finds the STAIRS! Time for Mom and Dad to find a gate!!!
Hey Daddy, we miss you and mommy says you better come home fast and bring a gate. Look what I have been UP to today.
Where did these Furry steps come from and why have I not noticed them before?
Its OK Mom, I am just admiring your Christmas Decor...What a cute snowman!
Move these stinkin snowmen out of my way
Taking a break and a shovel full of snow I took from Mom's snowman. Oh by the way DAD we bought this shirt for you last night..It says BABY ITS COLD OUT HERE...We are thinking about you while you are in the artic.
Wow that is a long way down...
but I have almost made it to the landing....where the frog is wearing the Santa Hat....I may not be a fan of Santa but I love a cute Frog in a Santa Disguise
WOO HOO I made it and mom has not stoped me yet!!!
Well I have a BRAVE little turkey on my hands...the landing was not enough she wanted to go all the way to the TOP...


Anonymous said...

Nana say: Told u to get a gate last week--it was only a matter of time til she tried to see where Aunt LaLa and Nana were going each nite. HA! Keep an eagle eye on my doll baby--no fun to fall downstairs.(Psst, when u get a little bigger, we will slide down them on a big piece of cardboard--Whee!!!)

Anonymous said...

My girls have been busy while I have been gone I see. The Doodle is so adventurous and advanced. Daddy is so proud and ready to come home to see my two cuties. I love you and miss you terribly. See you soon.

Love Daddy

Holly G. said...

Yes, the sooner you get a gate, the better. As soon as those little turkeys can, they manage to find their way to the stairs at warp speed.