Thursday, June 01, 2006

Living in Heaven On Earth With Kya Blu

These pictures were taken my first few weeks of Fostering Kya Blu....I did not even have a BLOG yet....My life As Mommy of the Marriott...ROCKED

Bad Hair Day
God Bless America
Cuddle Time
Maria & Samuel-Candy & Kya Blu-HollyG & Gia- Julia & John Brian
First Swim

Heart to Heart
Loved our Summer Days by the POOL

Hanging out at Champians with our Buddies....The Boys and Cindy and Matt
Waiting On the Marriott shuttle....Daddy is coming to town
OH BLU BIRD....I love the way you SOAR
All dressed up for DeDe's June Visit Trip
Shawn LOVED sleeping and taking Naps with Kya Blu....and she cuddled right into is arms and heart.
Guate Girl
Loving Life as a MOM
Daddy SO happy to have Kya in his arms again....I think he had the HARDEST time leaving us here.
Brain...Maya's Daddy and Me and Kya Blu by the Marriott Pool
Maya Grace from NJ and Kya Blu

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