Thursday, June 22, 2006

A typical day with Holly and Gia

Holly is down here fostering Gia they are still in PGN....they come over to hang out with us 3 days a week. She is staying at a apartment here in Guatemala city. Kya and Gia are becoming great friends as are there mommies. We have alot of fun with them.

Say Queso....thats what we say down here.
Kya is so small and Gia so big Kya can almost sit on her lap...they are one month apart...
Animal "Gets Around" check out Holly's blog to see what i mean!
The getcha getcha getcha that laugh

Gia wearing Kya's Guatemala hat pretty stylin....Holly and Gia doing her new trick!
Sports Illistrated Swim Suit Model
Daddy's girl after the swim
I Like to Kick and Splash...what you think of my shades?
Kya trying to kiss Mommy she a open mouth Kisser.....
Suprise Mommy Holly took this picture when I went to Change cloths.
My Little Mermaid

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