Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just what the Dr. Ordered ....MORE KYA BLU

My agency was in town last week and went to Kya's Dr. Appointment with us...they were so sweet they took these pictures for us. I am so glad to have them for her scrapbook. She is a good little patient!

Love this Pictue...she is like oh please do not undress me and put me on that cold scale....on which she weighted 10lb 10oz
Mommy helping me get my pepto dress off!
Leslie, Cara holding Kya and Dr. Montiel.....Leslie and Cara are from our Agency Across the World Adoptions
Leslie, Kya's mommy...smiling as usual...Kya and the Dr.
My heart beats for you Daddy!!!!


Holly G. said...

Hey, if you keep feeding Kya like that, pretty soon she'll be as big as Gia.

See you tomorrow at 1:00!!! Be there or be square.

Dayngr said...

How sweet! I hope she will be able to look back on this journal when she is older and see all the beautiful memories you have captured for her! Good job!