Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cant get enough of the new and improved FRIENDS SITCOM...staring Candy, Kya Holly and Gia...special guest star ANIMAL

Got to love stolen pictures.....I got thes from Hollys blog and they crack me up

They say I will try anything..I guess they are right..what about this BLUE filled mushroom...still have no clue what was in it...but since my daughters middle name is BLU i just went for it. Kya even seems to think it is pretty funny in the back ground.

Mommy Daughter Date bad animal keeps butting in haha.

I love this picture of Holly and Gia

Also Love the ATTITUDE written all over Kya's face and the big grin spread across Gias.

Now Animal I dont think you realize waht your taking on buddy.....If these two Princess's take after there mothers you will go broke trying to meet there every need, want and splurge....some people can't even window shop with out giving in to the urge to BUY...haha

Miss Serious and Mrs Happy Mommy

I can not quit laughing about this picture this is my little MINNIE ME AUSTIN POWERS BABY

Miriah is going to LOVE THIS PICTURE FOR SURE!!!!

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