Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday in the South-----WAY SOUTH !

Move Over Cover Girl who needs Mascara with Lashes like these....I bet Aunt LA LA will be jealous...with all the time she spends on her lashes with that stinkin straight pen haha
Angelina Jolie Lips and Lashes to dye for...Get your gun out DADDY...Caleb James you better chase the boys off for us...I know Boo would love to hit them with sticks, swords, or light sabers..
What's that sticking out there....What the Heck.... I have the same exact BELLY as my Daddy!!!HAHA
Oh my Gosh did I just say that....Mommy made me do it!

How many hair accessories can go with one outfit. Mommy and me had a blast at our Aloha Hawaii Photo shoot today. My Mommy is kind of silly she brought back drops.

FISH FACE....she is really getting into the Hawaii photo shoot. LOL

She could be about to crack up because this Hat looks SO SILLY

How about the Coral Bow (one of my NANA's favorite colors) from The Kya's Chica Design Summer Bow Line

Now Modeling the 80's Neon Green Look...look out I might start moonwalking like my Dad...but with those dimples who would notice!

Its the "all the animal print rage" Bow, a good one to attract a man like Animal himself...look out Gia I may be wearing this one on Monday...

Very Betsy Johnson if I do say so myself!!!

When I see you Smile....I see a ray of light OH OH you know I could do when I see you smile, smile at me!

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Holly G. said...

I love the belly shot. She's gonna hate you for that one. Can't wait to see you tomorrow.