Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

The 80's baby back and better than ever!!!

This is our Cindi Lauper...with a hint of Pippi Longstocking look. My Mommy is Still sick. And we are still waiting to be Kicked Out of PGN so we can be put back in with Pre Approval. By the way our web cam is down right now. We had some company today. Lisa and Bella have been living in Antigua but just got out of PGN and are heading home. Lisa had one of the Ladies in Antigua make Kya a table runner with her name on it.

I see your true colors shining through, I see your true colors and thats why I Love you!

My mommy thinks in Song Lyrics

Holding my belly so mommy can't tickle me! I look like a little Doll.

I have the PUNK ROCK 80'S TROLL hair going on today.

See the Pippie LONGSTOCKINGS...these were my mommy's booties

This is Bella...Claping she is so happy she is Heading to America this week...

You can't be serious mom another stinkin photo shoot...

No more pictures..I just can't take it anymore...

Bella Holding the BIRD ...Kya Giving the BIRD...Oh no..Holly is going to love this one....Thats the same Bird your Pa Pa sees when he tries to drive in Tulsa.

I told you Bella, she would start bringing out the Props...hats Off to you all and to all a goodnight.


Stephanie Capshaw said...

Hi Candy & Kya!! Oh...the pictures are ABSOLUTELY precious!!! She is such a little princess. And I still love all the hair have to tell me where you get them. Maya is gonna need to serious hair accessories for all that hair sittin' on her head! :>)
Miss ya and hope to see you soon~ Steph & Maya

PaPa Murnan said...

New pix were awesome. I am having so much fun bragging about my first granddaughter. Everyone in the courthouse agrees that Kya is not only beautiful but obviously gifted. Tell her PaPa loves her most.

Waiting For Baby! said...

She's ADORABLE! Just a tip from a fellow photographer. Since you seem to like those photoshoots (LOL) ... If you use white sheets, and have an art program you can tweak the pictures to look professional. :)

Dayngr said...

I just found your blog and I am falling in love with your story. I was adopted @ 6 weeks of age and I thank GOD every day for bringing me to such wonderful parents. I have children of my own now and can't imagine what my life would have been like if I my biological parents had not given me up to live the better life I had. I'll be checking in from time to time to read your progress. Bless you, your family and your beautiful baby girl!