Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Well we have now been here for one month. We are still enjoying ourselves...but how could we not we have been treated like royalty (all I need is my crown) by the staff her at the Marriott. I let Shawn know that when I get home I want fresh flowers delivered to my room each week, breakfast brought to me each morning, and FRESH SQUEEZED JUICE. As if he does not spoil me enough...can you imagine the mess of him making fresh squeezed juice...ha ha. They are really making us feel right at home and I am making some life long friends.

Now for the important stuff.....Kya Blu gets more beautiful, more "Advanced", or "Gifted" and more popular, more funny and more in love with her favorite cartoon Back Yardigans everyday. Yesterday Kya's Mommy got the "Guatemala Poop Flu" and the staff here had the Dr. come and got me a antibiotic and I am now feeling much better. Today we had a fun day meeting Cara and Leslie from Across the World Adoption Agency. We met them and Mayra for lunch at La Vista we had a great visit...I hope I didn't talk to much..ha ha. They were wanting to meet Kya's Doctor, Dr. Montiel so Mayra called and he was free. Kya's Dr. appointment was scheduled for Friday but we went with them and he saw her today. On the way there Mayra got a flat tire....She changed it her self in the middle of the Guatemala City traffic. Cara, Leslie, Kya and I went ahead and walked to Dr. Montiels office where Kya Blu Angelica weighed in at 10lbs 10oz she gained almost 2 lbs this month...she likes to eat just like her mommy. She also got her Polio Vaccination today. It was nice to get out of the hotel for a while and it was great to get to meet Cara and Leslie in person. When I got back to the room, room service brought me up a meat, cheese and desert tray on the house...from the sales and management department...I thought it was so "dulce" which means sweet of them.

Tomorrow I have a Spanish lesson and then we get to hang out with Holly and Gia...which we always look forward to. Holly is also fostering but staying in an apartment so she comes over a few times a week to hang out. I am really getting attached to Gia too. Also I am very excited Jana and Minnie are coming here tomorrow. Ok Jana I may be more excited to see Jenna than you but I am sure you don't mind haha. I am ready for all the military people that are here to go home because they are taking up all the rooms and there are not many families here right now. They are having a peace training exercise here and military officers from the US and Central America are all staying here. Well Kya has had enough of her bouncy seat and wants her mommy so I will go for now...We love you all very very much.

Hugs and Kisses Kya and Oh are you Kya Blu's Mommy

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