Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another Fun Day with Kya's Best Friend GIA!!!!

Holly, Gia & Animal came over to hang out with Kya and I today. We had alot of fun and got stuck in the rain out by the pool with Jackie and Dulce as I call her, her baby is 3 weeks old. We had kind of a bummer day yesterday so the crew came to cheer us up. Thankfully the hotel is full of families again which helps the time pass. Looks like we will be heading to Jersey to hang out with Holly, Gia and all the Brown girls when we get home.

Dont know why there are three of these in a row but Oh is one



Getting more like my daddy everyday...look at these cheeks!!!!

Showing Off Gia's Butt......she loves to stick it out!!!

Hey thats my man its not he is my man....As I said before Animal gets around!

The Apple of her Mommy's eye!

Nan ne nan ne boo boo...sticking my tounge out

Told you he was my man....haha...soon Kya will have her own animal thanks to the Brown Girls Holly's sisters. They love Kya so much from her pictures they are sending her sweet.

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