Monday, June 26, 2006

Hey Hey Its YOUR Birthday...ANAI'..Loved your party!

Well let me start by saying...we missed seing Holly and Gia today and we are thinking about you right now. We had our first Birthday Party to attend today down by the pool. Anai' turned 1 year old. There were party hats, balloons and cupcakes. To everyone back in the states we miss you!

Guess What My Mommy Just told me.....That my Pa Pa loves me the most!!!!!

This picture is for Daddy and Nana the two DING DONG lovers in the family....Thats a girl for you, she already knows what to do with Chocolate!!! Smart Girl.

Hey what's this, another treat....Let me decide----do I want to eat it too?

This is what I have learned from my hold my pretend Microphone...She does this while she sings and Dances around the room (Who does she think she is, Madonna or something?) While I Crack up at her. But thats ok because Mommy learned this behavior from My Grandpa JD JR.....Boy Grandpa JD SR if you were still here you could be the Manager of my Band!

Oh yes this has SUGAR in it I should eat it too....Check out my cute shoes Nana got me!

Oh whats this--a pink balloon just for me...Never enough PINK!

Wait, PINK, isn't that an AEROSMITH song?....Just wait till you all see what mommy made for me! We may show you tomorrow

We love a good Party!!!!

I met this family yesterday and they fell in Love with who dosen't. Guess what... they are from Bentonville, AR and will be living here at the Hotel for a month and in Guatemala for 2 years. Teresa, the mom, grew up at Cookson Hills and guess who she knows?... that's right Troy Boy....Her hubby is here working for Wal Mart. See Troy Boy, totally safe down here...Now Send my My Cassie....You know I was there when both your two Rug Rats were born now I want Cassie to get to be here with Kya Blu...Oh and congrats on the HOLE IN ONE...

I love to sit up like a big girl...My mom is cracking me up some more!

I am posting this for my Grandma...She loves Flowers...The Manager here at the Hotel puts fresh flowers in my room every week...getting spoiled even down here. These are Peace Lilly's.

Did not even phase me when mommy put this Birthday hat on my head...why should it?!?!... she is sticking a differant bow or hat on me every few hours....HAHA

Here is the Birthday girl Anai' and her mom, Sue, they are from Indiana....All the party guests are in the back ground....Wo Hoo


Sandy said...

Your blog is just as funny as Holly's. I enjoy reading it!
- Gia's Aunt Sandy

Angel said...

Love your blog. How long have you been at the Marriott? Are you in PGN? You have such a cutie pie on your hands there. She's a doll.

:0) Angel