Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May 31 2006 Living at the Marriott

May 31
Living at the Marriott

Dear friends and Family

We miss you very much and I know you can not wait to hold Kya Blu

We are having the most wonderful time here in Guatemala. This is an experience I will cherish the rest of my life. We actually love living here in the hotel. We are making so many great friends and they are all truly wonderful people. It really has broke me out of my in Oklahoma. I love getting to visit with new people and people from differant cultures and beliefs. By the time we go home I am sure we will have a friend from every state. Some of my friends who are fostering in Antiqua Guatemala came to have lunch with me this week. I have also made a very special friend, Holly and her beautiful daughter Gia...they have been our partners-in-crime the last two weeks. Holly is from New Jersey and her Husband Lorenzoe owns a Pizzaria. I nick named Gia...Gia Gia Pizzaria....Holly is leaving tomorrow so we will be sad...but the good news is she will be back in two weeks to foster until she goes home with Gia.

I am not sure I have ever been this busy taking care of KYA and running the Marriott..haha..You all know how I am taking over...I think I am the BOSS of the Hotel. We stay down in the lobby every night till almost midnight visiting with the other moms. It really is like going back to college with our babies. I brought 3 books and tons of magizines but have not had time to read them. I am barly having time to check my email. My social scedual has never been this busy. We also hang out by the pool alot and Kya took her first swim this week and loved it...I was the one crying because I was so happy. I have waited many years to hang out in the pool with my baby girl.

We have wonderful News to share with you. We had our family court interview and are out of family court and had our DNA test done on Monday. Should be a week or two to get the results. Kya seemed very relieved and happy to get back to Mommy after they took her to DNA and Family Court. It is amazing how strong of a bond we have formed already.

Kya Blu Angelica Murnan is the best baby Girl. She is now sleeping at night about 4-6 hours at a time and drinking a 6-8 oz bottle. I am excited June is around the corner because I have so many more friends visiting....and the most important person in our lives----KYA's Daddy is coming to see his girls. Well I better go get some sleep now....more Fun to be had tomorrow....Love you all

Kya Blu and her Mommy

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