Saturday, June 03, 2006

More June and July Marriott Pictures

Oliver and Kya Blu

Velveth and Sophia...and Mommy and Kya Blu...This was the night I got to help her test At Your Service....SO FUN
Velveth holding Sophia and Kya Blu

Kya Blu...and the Bunny Beginning
Marriott Security

Front of the Marriott
Mommy with Gia and Kya Blu
Napping Pool Side
Mommy and Gia Gia

Cabby, Stephanie Capshaw and Maya Grace from El Paso Texas

Lisa Graves & Bella
Candy & Kya Blu
Wendy & Sedona Rose
Arianna, Nessas Girl
Kya Blu. Mommy's Girl
Rylee, Marlenes Girl

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