Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Working 9 to 5...Daddys little Intern

These next three posts are going to be for Kya's Daddy...This little girl really thinks her Daddy is a SUPER HERO. Her favorite place to in his office at work right along beside him. More like under his feet...but Daddy loves it! So Dear Hubby this is ALL for you...ALL about you and your DOODLE!
Hello...OK please Hold On, my foot is stuck under my calculator...Ok I am back...Yes I think I can make that work...
Wait after having a look at these figures here on my calculator...I am not so sure about that deal after all...Let me ask my DADDY and get back to you.
Daddy said to SHREED that contract...thats NO DEAL MAN
Fine you don't like that answer...well take this...BUZZZZZZZZ
Hey Daddy they called back with a better offer...Do you want to take this call?
Listen here BUDDY my Daddy says that I am a FIRST CLASS kind of girl and we need a higher profit margin.
Taking my Shoes off after a Long day on the Job
Did you hear that Dora, I work for my Daddy now so you will have to wait on me to get off work before we can play
Ok Dora I am ready to go play now


Kerri said...

Kya's so lucky to have a daddy who can be her superhero!

Kerri and Ruby

Home sweet home said...

Daddys princess -- how adorable !!

Alleen said...

Nothing better than a girl and her daddy, is there??

Glad the hint of the beans helped!! It's definitely a staple and a hit around here. She loves her beans done Puerto Rican style too :-) Thank goodness I've finally gotten that down-pat.

Our Family of 5 said...

I just adore little Kya Blu. We really need to get her and Sophia together! Hopefully we can talk Daddy in to letting us come to Guatfest=)

Kelly said...

This is soooo sweet Candy!!!! :) Kya Blu looks like the best girl for the job of being Daddy's Princess! :)

Robyn said...

Too cute!! Kya looks like a great intern!!

Robyn & Gabriella

Kya's Daddy said...

Doodle....every deal I make is for you and mommy....I Love You Two more than words could express.

Carrie said...

So adorable and I love your captions!!!!

Savannah could play with the phone for hours. She especially loves to "page" for the cordless phone and press the speaker phone.

I bet Kya is the best little assistant Daddy ever had!!!!!