Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Gabby and Kya Blu Paint The Town ORANGE!

While we were down in TX we had dinner at none other than the CHEESECAKE FACTORY with Minnie and her children. I finally got to meet her AWESOME kids Beauty Queen Lily and SIR TALK ALOT...haha..Jon. We had a great time letting Kya and Gabby run around out on the river walk at the mall. I have been so Blessed my my new friends I have made during this adoption and Minnie is one of those friends... I love ya girlfriend. Now I will let all of you in on a little secreat...Minnie is not only the most caring person I have ever met...she is a Guatamalan Forum and Blog Addict...ok I may have helped her get the addiction...but I am not going to help her kick it. I can tell you if you are reading this she is reading your BLOG...I tell you even though Gabby was not born in Guatemala...thay baby girl is part Guatemalan...her mommy spent her whole first year of her life helping me and her best friend Jana get through our adoptions.

Orange we total DOLLS
Bonita Ky Ky
Watch out VOUGE

Huggie Huggie Kya Kya Kya...it was so cute Gabby chased Kya who NEVER STOPS...around all night holloring Kya Kya Kya
Gabby Girl
Kya Blu
Oh Jon I think I am starting to like older boys...hehe...Especially Drummers like you...you know my Mommy has a THING for OLD ROCK STARS too...LOL
Yup Kya...they don't call me BIG BERTHA for nothing...I am still way Taller than you

Hey Gabby, Do you hear someone singing Justin Timberlakes Sexy Back Song???
We are so SMOKIN CUTE that we are GLOWING...Oh thats just our RunWay light
Passed out IN THE POOL
DO YOU SEE MY FACE??? At first I was NOT A FAN of this Floatie
But once I figured out I could swim on my own... I was LOVIN IT MAN!


Kim said...

How cute are they!?!?! Love the "pass out in the pool" picture. :)

Krystal said...

OK, I just about lost it when I saw those little white sandals!!! These children could not possibly be any cuter!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: ORANGE!----POWER!
Best 2 little Glow worms I ever saw!


What a cutie! Good to read that I'm not the only one with this addiction -- we should start a support group. Wait, we already have with all the blog rolls.

Keep the pics coming. We hope to get to meet y'all at Guatober Fest.


Lilly said...

Hey, there is no picture of me! What's up with that?? ;)

Carrie said...

Yes, they are very cute--those orange girlies and in the pool--precious!

Alleen said...

Holy cow, those are the cutest girls ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those dresses????? Fab! I must know where to get one.

Kerri said...

So cute...as always!

Kerri and Ruby