Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Friends, Malls, and THE HAYGOODS...what more could a girl ask for???

On Saturday Matt, Cindy, Jakob, and Celeste came up to see us. I met Matt and Cindy when they were picking up Celeste last June. We ate lunch...or watched Kya and Jacob make GOOGLEY eyes at each other at Shorty Smalls and then it was off to the outlet malls. THANKS for coming up to Branson to see us and we can't wait to see you all again we had a BLAST! Saturday evening we went to see the HAYGOODS...I would HIGHLY RECCOMEND this show. There are 7 brothers and 1 sister...they are super talented and pretty stinkin CUTE...Kya loved the show too...haha

Hey Celeste you better get used to sitting next to me if you are going to be my Maid of Honor
You Its YOU I have been waiting my whole life (18months) for...LOL
No Daddy this is not the Wedding cake he is feeding me...not yet anyways
Oh Jacob you had me at Hello

Oh Kya Blu may I have this Dance
Celeste...LOVE THE HAIR and that SMILE
I think this photo speaks for its self...I think Kya may have me beat in the BOY CRAZY department...who knew that was possible???
Oh girl remember that day when we met in the Marriott Lobby, Why didn't you tell me you had a brother this cute???
Oh GEE I am so flushed by what a CUTIE Mr Jacob is

Girl I really missed you...seems like yesterday we were hangin out at Sirabella and now we are at Shorty Smalls
Be back in a few weeks Dad...Jacob and I are running off to Paris...the city of Love
I have got two words for you HOT and Talented...I mean Dominic Haygood...I think he may have replaced Anthony Wiggle in Kya and Mommy's book...
Aunt LaLa this is TOTALLY FOR YOU...Shawn Haygood...gotta love someone with that first name...LOL
Mommy can we come back to see the Haygoods at Christmas...I think I have a little crush on Erin...he is only 13years older than me DADDY!


Our Family of 5 said...

Too Darn cute! Love her little dress and bows.
I am about 75% sure that we may come to Atlanta too =)

Home sweet home said...

LOL -- I think Kya beats Arianna in the boy crazy department but trust me .....she is up there to !!! Arianna is Ms. Latin Lips (and lungs) :) So you are coming to Atlanta !! YIPPEE !!!!!! So excited !!!

Tom & Caryn Meverden said...

Hi Kiki~
Thanks for stopping by our blog. Your daugther is sooooooo cute. And those adorable dresses, poor Spenser won't have a chance - hee hee!!! After seeing how boy crazy she is, should I be worried?!?!? Just kidding! Can't wait to meet you guys. What fun we will all have in Atlanta!!

Carrie said...

It Was SO great to chat with you too. It was like a visit. I so wish you lived closer. We would have a ball!

I totally agree with you and Kya. Jacob is so handsome and Shawn Haygood is better looking than Anthony Wiggle. I see what you mean about Kya and older toddlers. Celeste is a cutie too!

Kya is just so adorable! I cannot wait to meet you guys! I am SO excited!

Cindy said...

AAAAAAA! Those pictures are GREAT!!!! THanks for including us on your blog... I think we'll be famous now!! Much love to you all!! CIndy

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: too cute!! Daddy Shawn--you're gonna have to teach Kya to keep more of a "poker" face--you can read her mind by the expressions on her little face-Ha!
Kya,save Nana a beso and hug! See you soon.
P.S. Nana got you 3 prs of shoes--Little Shoe Girl!

Alleen said...

Oh my goodness.. the pics of those two are just too cute!!!

I'm so excited we get to meet you guys in HOTlanta!!!

Kelly said...

I'm giggling through this whole post. Holy buckets is that girl boy crazy or what?? ;) I LOVE IT! Of course Jacob is such a little cutie patootie it wouldn't be hard for a girl Kya's size to fall for him. ;)

Soltana said...

How cute!!!! Love the picks...and I think Shawn is toooo cute!!

Jennifer said...

Candy -

What a precious baby!!! She is so adorable! (They all 3 are...)

Your pictures are always so good! LOVE THEM!