Thursday, August 02, 2007

No When to Hold'em No When to Fold'em No When to Make a Hole in One

My Daddy is teaching me so many things...We work together, we relax let me show you how we play together! I have to say I am the Cutest Girly Girl Golfer EVER...Oh wait that's what Mommy and Daddy say. Note from the Editor and Chief : The last three posts I did are some of my favorite pictures ever and I tear up looking at them...Kya Blu really is the Light of her Daddy's life!
I can tell you this picture will be hanging in my Daddy's Office Soon
This girl has GAME!!! She LOVES Golf already...which puts a HUGE SMILE on her Daddy's face!
Hey Mommy are you catching this on your Camera???
Hey Daddy...Mommy told me you may need some pointers on getting a Hole In One...let me fill you in on my little secret....First you move the flag out of the way
Then you pick up your ball
And Stick it in that little hole in the ground...What do you have???
That's right Daddy....MY FIRST HOLE IN ONE...YEEEAAA
Read my BUM...YOU GO GIRL!!!
Nana made this outfit for my Daddy's Fathers Day gift...
I hear they have ball washing machines...who needs those when you have a Mini Golfer like me?
Hey Daddy I will Tend the Pin for you...Who's your Caddy???
Oh Daddy...Quit Bragging on me they all know I am going to be better than Tiger
Getting some Golf Pointers from my Aunt Jan

Let me count my Chips
I'm all in....wait till they see these Pocket Aces
Big Stack and Baby Stack
Just hangin with the Boys
Another day in Paradise...Another day with Daddy


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that golfing outfit! How adorable!!! Kya is so full of personality. We look forward to reading your posts.

Ann and Princess Elianna

jajbs said...

I am LOVING your posts this week. It just melts my heart!!! I love her hair!

Keep them coming.


Anonymous said...

You have the cutest (and sweetest) posts!! Your mom is so talented...great job on the outfit. Too cute!! :)
Kristy (keithandkristy from forum)

Our Family of 5 said...

I tell ya everyday she gets cuter and cuter! I love the last picture of her walking with Daddy..PRICELESS!

Home sweet home said...

I only have one word - Darling, Darling , Darling !!! It is so priceless that she has such a awesome daddy (and mommy of course ) !!!

The McKenzie Crew said...

looks like my girls are not the only ones that have Daddy in their hip pocket:)


Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana's too choked up to comment much--all I can say is AWESOME!! These pics were definitely worth waiting for-daughter dear! besos!!
Kya, I know your Daddy needed a BIG dah for the tears when he saw these--They are priceless!

Kerri said...

What a cutie! Love the 4 ponytails! Looks like she has daddy wrapped around her little finger.

Kerri and Ruby

Kelly said...

Candy these are priceless!


Rhonda said...

so cute candy! um- i think i'm going to tell my mom "don't you know grandma's are suppose to sew cute little outfits for their grandbabies?" or maybe i should just hire your mom.
I think daddy is not the only one Kya has wrapped around her finger. Love to you all- R

Crystal said...

Okay girlfriend HOW CUTE IS THIS CHILD AND HER TOOOO CUTE OUTFIT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --I am jus t dying over the clothes, the shoes, the hair!!!!!!!!!!! :O) ooh she is just too cuuuuuuuuuttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this of your hubby and Kya so so so so so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is such a gooooooooooood daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This post just melts my heart!!!!!! You guys are such a sweet sweet precious family!!!!!!!! :O)

Kya's Daddy said...

OK have to stop....emotions are getting the best of really know how to make my day. You are the truly, Mommy The Great.....I Love You.....Besos to you and the doodle.

Cassie said...

if i don't check your blog each day then i am like out of the loop. you have been busy girl. your pics just get cuter and cuter! give kya a kiss from all of us in texas.

Tara said...

OMG! I think those have to be the cutest pictures that I've ever seen! A little girl and her Daddy make me melt :)

Lou said...

How stinkin' sweet is this??? I LOVE Kya's shoes and hair!!!! This post was just fabulous!!!!

Carrie said...


This is the cutest thing ever. The love between Daddy and Daugther.

It is just so cute and sweet! What a great day they had!

Just precious!

Kris and Mindy said...

OMG HOW CUTE ARE THESE PICTURES!!!??? I am lovin' it. Nana needs to go in the business and make my Kayla-Bug some of those amazing outfits of hers. Kya is too cute for words. Seriously!