Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Red Fish-Blue Fish... Alive Fish-Dead Fish

Another Day hanging out at our FAV TEA ROOM and then we got to see some fish...some Alive and some YUCK Dead! My Mom made this cute little dress for Kya out of a dress we bought at Old Navy. THANKS NANA..

Kya seeing the Fish at the Aquarium for the first time...Love the sweet smile on her face
Kya moving Aunt LaLa's hand to the glass to see if she could touch the fish
Look Mom....I think he is a BOY FISH...LOL
DEAD FISH...I know you are thinking WHAT THE HECK...Dead fish head on fence post...Totally Redneck
You might be a redneck and live in OKLAHOMA if you have a DEAD FISH HEAD on ALL your fence posts...we saw this while driving...No this is not MY FENCE...LOL
Oh Mommy you are so funny with your REDNECK FISH PICTURES
Yup I pretty much need a hair cut
My nana made my dress a LITTLE FANCY...with Bling Bling that says SPOILED ROTTEN
Not again, what is up with my mom and this bench I always have to sit on???
I love my Tubby Time...I got new Tubby Drums
Brusha Brusha Brusha this is how we Brusha


Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: I Love It! Sooo many fun memories to share. Nana can't wait til our next adventure!Where will the next road trip take us?? The word Orange pops into my mind--Ha!

jajbs said...

This is one traveling girl! I bet she charms everyone she comes in contact with!


Home sweet home said...

Love how your mom fixed up the dress -- no fair !!!:)

Tara said...

I love looking at her pictures!!! Miss Kya Blu is cute and bubbly!! We'll see ya in Atlanta! I signed up today :)

Alleen said...

Nana is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fun dress!

Ummmmmm.... some of us need an explanation for the fish heads on the fence - ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

Jennifer said...

She is just too cute for words! I don't know how you stand being with that cute little thing all day long... and not pinching those adorable cheeks off!!!!

Dominick's Mommy said...

I finally have internet again. Thank God, I was missin me some Kya pictures!

Carrie said...

That face in the tub is so precious! Love those smiles! Savannah loved the aquarium too and now she says "ish" whenever we see fish or even eats goldfish crackers.

Your mom is quite talented. I love what she did with the dress and the purple bows and crocs just make it complete!

Kelly said...

LOVE the dress and teefers pictures. :) Fish heads....not so much. LOL I don't even know what I would do driving down the road if I saw something like that! LOL

Lou said...

Nana has skill! Can I borrow her for a weekend??? Love the brushing the teeth pic! See you in Atlanta!

Princess D said...

Love the bling! The fish heads are too much. That is straight up nasty! So...I paid the registration fee so I guess that means I am in. Still working on flights and getting hubby to come.


Cassie said...

kya you are too cute! love the new blog. totally kid rockstarish. tell nana alicia can't wait to have her jacket.

The McKenzie Crew said...

We are sooooooooooo excitd to get to see you guys again!