Monday, August 20, 2007

Almost Famous on the NEWS

Well we had some pretty exciting NEWS...Kya Blu got to be on the NEWS with the weather man...she was a HAM and Mommy was very Proud. She will be signing autographs at Guatoberfest in Atlanta....LOL!!!
I love you my little DAISY MAE
Thats nice mommy...but I love Ice Cream Sundays
I really love them when I get to feed myself
Oh WAIT...I see the best part
My Nana came over and brought me more Bubbles and I am trying so hard to blow them...if only I knew how to BLOW
Ok now chase me NANA....he he you can't catch me

Let me explain this picture...this is my old key chain and kya gets it and goes to the back door and hollers GO GO at 11pm the other night we got in the car and just drove around...she was laughing and giggling the whole happy that she has even MOMMY wrapped around her little finger!
We were at my frined and neighbors house Debbie...she has a 4year old Brook...Brook took Kya to her bedroom to play...this is what we found when we went to see why it was so quiet!

Brook calls this Babysitting Baby Kya...she was holding her and letting her watch Barney...then the excitement began...the girls got to be on the news that night on the weather show.


Bekah said...

on the news! way to go. of course that sweet face is going to be famous. :)

The McKenzie Crew said...

I knew it - from the day we met her -

stardom is in her future:)

Kelly said...

I'm not one bit surprised!! Watch out news crew! Miss Kya Blu is going to steal the spotlight! :) P.S. I'm ALL BOOKED for Guatoberfest!!! Time to start shopping for the trip! ;)

Tricia said...

The pictures of Brook and Baby Kya are so PRECIOUS!

Kya is the most beautiful GODDESS and Diva! :) Love all your pictures!

Sarah said...

LOL... the last picture makes me think of what my grandmother used to call the pacifier... a HUSHER!! Too cute that Brook is holding it in Kya's mouth, like... let's watch this show TOGETHER Kya... shhhh!!

Your little girl is sure to be a star someday!

Sarah and Sophie~Bug

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Oh You Beautiful Doll! To blow bubbles you have to pucker up---just like when you give besos to all your boyfriends! Tickle Tickle little Angel! xoxo