Saturday, August 04, 2007

What NSU Homecoming Queen Jr Miss?

My Mommy is pretty darn sure this pictures should be on the cover of the NSU RIVERHAWKS Handbook this year
Gia I am holding the ball just the way you taught me back in GC...LOL
Oh its that Green Stuff again...I think they call is grass...I call it DIRTY
OK this could be on the back cover of the handbook
OK Mommy I am counting to TEN you better go hide

Some days your UP
Some days your down
Some days...All you need is a Diva Attitude
Playing catch with Aunt her old stomping ground...How many hours did you take that last semester Aunt LaLa...what you did all your homework at the Neon Library??? LOL
My First them at Nordstoms..They stay on GREAT!!!

Here we are Again... If you REALLY want to meet might come to Kelly's Tea Room...we eat there ALOT!
Say Wazzz Up...its my Homey the Squirrel
Can you read my mind??? Yup I am sure wanting to give you all the FULL MONTY again
Yea I am Teasing...How about a Half Moon?
Up to my same old tricks and cracking my self up along the way


Home sweet home said...

Kyas smile is PRICLELESS !! Love those crocs -- guess I have to go shopping :)

Kelly said...

LOVE the little croclings! Kemry has a pair of the regular pink crocs and they won't stay on her feet. I am going to have to get her some of the little croclings with the stretchy material around the top since Kya's stay on so well! They're about all I will allow my big kids to wear because they're SO EASY aren't they?

Sarah said...

Too adorable, as always!!

Sarah & Sophie~Bug

Carrie said...

LOVE those Crocs and Nordstrom is my favorite store.

The whole ensemble with the dress, bows and Crocs is the best.

Maria Izabel said...

she's the prettiest baby i have ever seen!!! she is beautiful!!! i moss you girls badly!

Maria Izabel said...

she's the prettiest baby i have ever seen!!! she is beautiful!!! i moss you girls badly!

Amy said...

She is cute as can be...I love watching your Blog seeing Kya grow up!

Alleen said...

She is seriously so photogenic!!!! Gorgeous girl and mommy dresses her to the nines!

Corey said...

LOVE IT!! She is SO photogenic!!
Luke has the exact same pair of crocs in khaki (from Nordstrom) I cant get anything else on his feet

Norma said...

Good words.