Thursday, August 16, 2007

So you like my SHADES???

Here is my little HAM...She decided she wanted to play dress up with mommy while we waited on Grandpa JD, Aunt Janet and Grandma to come over a play. Kya grabbed Grandma's hand the second she was through the door and took her straight to her room...she did not want Mommy in there messing with her GRANDMA TIME. Kya is totally nuts about Grandma.

With the SUN we have been having I am ALL READY to take it on
Like Totally I know I am SO HOLLYWOOD material!!!
What did you say??? You think my Jackie O glasses are on upside down???
Loved this outfit because of the wings on the back...and as you see she is FLYing around the corner in this picture
Angels aren't the only ones with wings...Silver Dollar City
Mommy and me SELF PORTRAIT
OH Grandma I am so EXCITED you came to see me...Come sit down at my tiny pick nick bench and let me show off for you ....whatever you do don't look at mommy or give her any all you attention for me and me alone.
OK Grandma...Sit back and let me show you how this is done...then I will give you a turn
Oh yes that's how you do it Grandma either you are a fast learner or I am one heck of a good teacher....PLEASE come back to play with me REAL soon...Love you forever and ever Kya Blu


Alleen said...

ADORABLE outfit! Lovin' those shades miss Kya!

Carrie said...

The pose in the second photos is a riot! Totally Hollywood!!! She is so funny and beautiful!

Savannah will only wear my sunglasses. Not hers. No way!

It is precious to see the generations together and love the self portrait too!

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Hooray for Hollywood!! Meet ya at Hollywood & Vine Sista! Oh wait! You were already discovered--at the Channel 8 Back yard Bar-B-Q by Frank Mitchell--can I have your autograph?--soon as you can write that is-HA! xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

Crystal said...

I love love love all of your post --I sat here and read every one of them since you got back like a great novel!!!! :O)

You are a cracking me up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Kya is sooo adorable!!!!!!!!!! I have missed your post Candy!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love the shades!!!!!!!!!! Girlfriend your Miss Kya is just toooo tooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

fiaschetti said...

Hey Candy, i do believe Kya and Lily are finally starting to look a little different! have been travelling most of august but just caught up on your blog.