Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Boot Scoot N Boogie

Like Mother Like Daughter...I sure do love this Mini-Me! Kya is a total CRACK UP...she loves to Dress up in her Cow Girl Boots, with her Purse, Cell Phone and just last night she added Bracelets to the mix! Me, Nana, and Kya Blu went to Tahlequah on Saturday and Kya was a Total HAM! She found this PUG PURSE at Goodys and well you know it had to come home with us! We had complete strangers asking if they could take her picture as she PRANCED around the town! Well we will post more pictures when we get back from Branson....Hugs and Besos
Like WHATEVER...just out Walkin my Dog....the life of a celebrity...Oh wait that's Kya Blu's Life
Hey Mom this Horse dress would TOTALLY match my HOT PINK COWGIRL BOOTS Nana bought me!
She REALLY shopped until she dropped...purse and cell phone still in hand...
Aunt Cassie we took this Coca Cola pic for you...but I decided not to SMILE
Come on Mr Squirrel you know this BIRD dance don't you?
Nana these Dimples are for YOU!
What? You all want to see my DANCE MOVES???
Elmo Wants to be a chicken
Elmo wants to be a duck...WACK WACK WACK
Bird Bird Bird...Bird is the word

Oh Boy...this BOY crazy Cowgirl Girly Girl cracks herself up!
Rear End View...the panties have ruffles on them
I am so in Love with this Sweet Baby Blu
Kya is just like Mommy...Boy Crazy, Eating Out, Shopper who likes to dress up and STRUT her stuff!!!
See you all real soon...when we get back from the Ozarks


Alleen said...

oh my word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a HAM!!!! Gabriella has nothing on her.

Kim said...

Oh my gosh - that purse - and those boots!!! That is hillarious!!! And I love how she is able to hold onto her cell phone while sleeping - that's talent!!

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Oom Boppa Oom Boppa Mou Mou--Hi-O-Silver Away!!
Soooo Cute! I knew they would be--and worth the wait! I gotta get them printed Pronto!


What a cutie! Hoping that we get to meet the diva in person real soon (another shameless plug, I know).

We used Building Blocks in Ohio (so did Mindy, Mikayla's momma). Not sure that we would use them again, but that is for a real conversation. Email me anytime -- we're on yahoo.


Kerri said...

LOVE the pug purse! That is too cute. :)

Kerri and Ruby

Cassie said...

i still wanna hang the coca-cola pictue in my kitchen. too cute. have fun in redneck country. and i won't be too jealous that i don't get to go... since it is redneck country. besos from alicia and carly.

Shannon said...

That girly is totally rockin' those boots!!

Now girl, if you really want her to be a cowgirl she needs a kippy belt to match her boots. Trust me, you will LOVE them.

Hey, don't forget to go eat at Dixie Stampede!! Say Hi to my Cousin Dolly Parton if you see her!!

Kris and Mindy said...

OMG how do you even GET any cuter??? I want all of her outfits for Mikayla. I love the shoes and the PUG purse..OH MY! What a cutie she is. Love it, love it, LOVE IT! YOU GO KYA!

OH...and we used the same agency as Beckie...just an FYI. E-mail me if you want more info.


Carrie said...

Have fun on your trip! LOVE the Mommy and Me photos! The pink boots, purse, and cell phone are a riot. The sleeping baby is so peaceful.

We love eating out, shopping, and dressing up too!!!!

Our Family of 5 said...

Could she get any sweeter? Seeing her in her boots, I can't wait until Sophia can wear hers. We too used BBAS and I wouldn't use them again! Email me anytime and I'll fill ya in =)

Corey said...

Kya can you come shopping with me??
How cute are those boots!!!

Soltana said...

LOVE those boots!!!!
She is too funny falling sleep and STILL holding the phone!!!

Maria Izabel said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh those boots!!! lovely!! u look great tooo!!!! so pretty!!! love u girls!!! hey !! get your PHONE!!!!

Maria Izabel said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh those boots!!! lovely!! u look great tooo!!!! so pretty!!! love u girls!!! hey !! get your PHONE!!!!

Jenny and Matt said...

Hahaha! Look at those boots!
What a cutie!!

The McKenzie Crew said...

OK - You are both totally cute - but the boots RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good time...

look into Carolina Hope - they are awesome - 7 months from the time we first called them till JB came home - to the day -

we love them:)


Dev said...

Looks like you had plenty of fun! Did you get to see any Branson shows while there too?