Sunday, January 14, 2007

Meet 6001 and 6002

Yesteraday was a tough day for my family. We lost my grandma's sister, my Aunt Lucy she had been battleing cancer for quite some time. I have some wonderful memories of my Aunt Lucy and I have some terrific picutres of her and Kya together a few days after we got home. We lost her on my Grandma's birthday which was really hard...but I think each year on my Grandma's Birthday we should celebrate her birth and the life my Aunt Lucy lived...she was quite the go getter and a Spunky, Fun and Wonderful person to be around.
FTD bought Kya Blu these Twin Cows at Kathleens Kids the other day. His family has a Dairy Farm and own 6000 milk we named them 6001 and 6002. Kya LOVES them and has to have both of them at the same time. Now how did Big Jon get the name FTD...well lets just say that he has a thing for flowers.

I am happy to introduce 6001 and 6002....

Dreaming of my Milk Cow Blues....I totally love this picture her cute little pose...that's my girl for sure!!!!

Just Rosie....More Flowers for Alicia Marie

Yes FTD got her these too...Its working out well for me because they are kept at my house and Kya and I get to enjoy them all day.

Alicia on the phone with BIG JON...


Holly G. said...

Sorry to hear about Aunt Lucy, sounds like she was a wonderful lady.

Miss Kya is so cute, I miss that little girl, and her mommy, too. We had a lot of good times in GC.

Crystal said...

I am so sorry to hear aobut your Aunt Lucy--hugs

Your baby girl is just so so sweet she looks like an angel sleeping!! So from a stranger here-- are Big Jon and Alicia a couple and you are the matchmaker!!!--This sounds totally like something I would do!!! When is the wedding? hee hee!!! I love it!!! Thank you for the info on Kya's size you really helped me out!!! I think I was buying everything too small--thank you!!! hugs!!!

Stacey said...

Candy, I am so sorry about your Aunt Lucy.

Kya is so precious!!!! Thank you for sharing your pictures!

Kim said...

I love the sleeping picture - just too cute. I'm sorry for your family's loss. It's always hard.