Monday, January 29, 2007

A Duck Out Of Water..Quack Quack

We Finally blew up her bath tub duck that I bought about 4 months before we got her referral. This Duck totally QUACKS her up...when daddy pushes his beak!!!

OH I LOVE MY DUCK...I am so glad you are full of so much HOT AIR blew this baby up fast!!!
This face has KISS ME written all over it!
Oh Nana you are so SILLY
What this Duck goes in the bath tub too....where are me and mommy going to set?
If I stick my tongue out far enough I might be able to catch the snot running down my nose before my mommy grabs and rag to wipe it....I really don't like my face wiped!!!
Nana did you buy me this OSU sweat suit....Does the bank give you a clothing allowance...a Kya Clothing allowance? HA HA
Pistol Pete's Side Kick


ginger said...

I love the duck! Kya is sooo adorable.

soltana said...

We had that duck too... Cerah didn't enjoy it as much I don't think.... She just gets cuter everyday!!! Where do you get all her OSU clothes from?? My husband LOVE Kentucky and I can't seem to find anything for either of ourt kids.. I thought maybe where you get her's from had other school. Could you let me know?? Thanks
Lots of love

Kim said...

Alex has the same duck and loves it! She is just too cute!!!

Kerry said...

What IS the deal with the face-wiping? Cameron acts like you're using sandpaper or something and pitches a big fit every time.

Kya's Daddy said...

Doodle, remember Daddy has plenty of hot air to spare. I am saving it up to Huff and Puff and Blow those BOYS away. Remember you are Daddy's Little Doodle.......I miss and love you and Momma Doodle.

Shannon said...

SO much cuter than Pistol Pete....

Crystal said...

Seriously--can this baby girl get any cuter?!!!! I don't think so!!! Those dimples are just the sweetest!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: What-no hairbows on the blog two days in a row??What's up with that mommy?