Sunday, January 07, 2007

How many Bunnies?

We have 6 bunnies in each room and the cars...BUT some how they all end up in our bed. This gives a new definition to a snuggle bunny
They Multiply Like Rabbits!!!
Chillin in my Guate Tot Hat
OK I look ridiculous and I want this hat OFF
and I want it OFF RIGHT NOW
Much Better
My Cousin Patricia and Kya Blu. Patricia came up from Dallas to visit Kya Blu!!!


The McKenzie Crew said...

makin that baby cry... mean Momma!:):)


Stephanie said...

I love the crying fit! Maya did the same thing with her Guatemalan hat! I could not get her to keep it on. I kept putting it back on for pics, and she got madder and madder, until she was crying too! Too cute!

The World According To Gabby said...

Hey, I met you at the Marriott and have followed your blog every day! Kya Blu is just the cutest thing ever. What a doll!!
a Fellow Bow Addict...

Crystal said...

I LOVE those "snuggle bunnies"--that is just the cutest thing!!!!! Kya is truly a dollbaby!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even crying, Kya is adorable. She looks like she has such a sweet disposition.

Chunky Monkey's Maw Maw Dee