Wednesday, January 03, 2007

DA DA Daddy and the DO DO Doodle

Hi Daddy...Where are you? I could not find you last night so I had a fit. I miss you a lot and mommy says she needs sleep. I played all day, watched the wiggles, danced and ate veg beef baby food today. Mommy let me wear my PJ's all day but she still fixed my hair with a bow. I have not taken a bath yet. I need you to come home to but on my lotion and get me dressed after my bath. Oh I had a question for you...can we take THE BIG RED CAR next week? I love to bob my head to that song. OK daddy I have to go now...Greg, Anthony, Murry, and Jeff need to talk to me now...I love you with all my heart daddy....forever yours THE DOODLE

Oh Boy I am up in Daddy's lap what will he let me get in to?

Daddy let me do an eye exam on you...First I need to take your glasses off and have a look at them...and a little taste of them

Daddy now that you can't see I will try to bend your glasses for you.

What did you say Daddy? Oh you need me to fix your Cell Phone.

Let me try to reach it

OK I got it...First I will try to make a call
It says calling GREG WIGGLE
I can't get through I think you need to fix your antenna...
I fixed it daddy all I needed was a little DUCT TAPE....
Isn't is funny, my Daddy is in the phone business and he walks around with a phone that has been duct taped together.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Kya Koo! We have more and more in common:

Born on the same day in the same country
Gorgeous dimples
Excellent hair
Daddies in the phone business

What's next?

Mindy Moo Lou Who

The McKenzie Crew said...

I luv it:)


Kya's Daddy said...


You make my heart melt. I wish you and Mommy were with me. I miss you so much while I am gone but each night when I get to the hotel I can log-on and get my Doodle fix. I will be home Friday afternoon so get the Wiggles ready and we can hot potato,cold spaghetti, and smash banana togheter.

Love Daddy

Rhonda said...

candy- you're quite the your post. FUNNY!

Crystal said...

Candy--You were cracking me up!!! What a sweet sweet family you have there!! --awwww too sweet!!!

ps--my hubby is in the "phone business" too!!!--cell phone business!!!:o)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures with her daddy!!! she looks sooo happy when she's with him! you think she already knows she'll aaaaalways get her way???? haha...
love you guys,
Pepe & m.i.