Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Little BROWN Bear

We have got our share of ICE and SNOW these last few weeks here in OKLAHOMA. Everytime we went out to eat Kya got to wear her Lil Bear outfit.


Honey Bear

Chillin Bear
What did you say? I can't hear you!!!
Kya and Aunt La La
Kya and Mommy...looking like crap
Please take me back to 80 degree weather so I can get out of this stinkin bear suit


Rhonda said...

What the freakin' heck that child could not get any cuter if she tried...and her mommy could not look like crap if she tried either.

How long of a drive from OKC to Tulsa?

Anonymous said...

Nana says: Kya, Won't You Be My Teddy Bear? My cuddly, giggly, wiggly teddy bear???

Courty said...

Can't get much cuter than that! (Actually, I don't think you can get any cuter than that!!:)) Have a wonderful Valentines Day with Maria Izabel!

Stephanie (Maya's mommy) said...

Hey!! I have been thinkin' of ya'll with the snow and ice. Crazy weather!!
I have to agree with teh others- she gets cuter every day...can she ever reach a max??
How fun to have a Valentine's Day visitor! How long will she stay? Maybe she can stow away our other Guatemalan friend and bring him home too!! :>)

Natalie said...

Too cute!

Hey, that fabric that Kya is sitting on...the brown with flowers...that is the fabric I am using to do Bella's room in! I love it!

Natalie said...

Candy, I searched EVERYWHERE for that fabric. I saw it on a blanket once and HAD to have it. It's by Michael Miller and the pattern is Daisy Dreams in brown. I ordered it online, but don't remember the store's name. It's often on e-bay too.

Our agency is Children's House International.

Angel said...

You are one cute bear little Kya!! :0) Angel

Princess D said...


You left a comment on my new blog today! Thanks! Your blog is one of my favorites. I love seeing pis of your Kaya. She reminds me of my Dani. Her silly and sweet personality always comes through her pics. Love the brown bear suit.


Carrie said...

Savannah has the same Lil'Bear. She wore it last night for the first time when it was 7 degrees outside. I did not take any photos of her in it because she was crying. She doesn't like any type of jacket, coat, hat, mittens, and we live in Connecticut! Luckily it has been a warm winter. Kya looks so cute--in all her outfits!