Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kya's Trip To The Salon

Kya and Mommy went to the Salon last week. I had Kya's bangs trimmed...then I cried because she looks like a BIG GIRL now. Where is my baby going?

Thanks Kim....I love my new stylin Hair Cut
Mommy got her hair recolored too.
If you come at me with those scissors again I will wack you with this thing
After I am finished chewing on it
What are you going to do with those scissors?


Anonymous said...

Nana say: Ok you two--you are havin tooo much fun playin beautyshop!! Wish I was there to play too. Kya is becomming quite the little lady--just stylin!

Anonymous said...

SHE DOES LOOK LIKE A BIG GIRL NOW!!! Like a beautiful girl!, she is soooo funny...I wish I was there!
I'll see you girls soon.
Love ya.
Maria Izabel

rhonda.perry said...

hey Candy and Kya- you two are little beauties! It's amazing how cutting bangs can change the look of a baby. I always think their first haircut makes them look so big! I will probably wait until Ben's hair is way too long just to keep him looking like my little baby. Oh, I so do not want him to grow up with him being our last. The last pic of Kya on your last post is so cute!
I get that Maria Izabel is going to be visiting you soon. How exciting for you. XOXO

fiaschetti said...

oh my gosh! does she look big now! I have trimmed Lily's bangs twice now, but not a full bang like that. might have to consider it.

soltana said...

She is growing sooooo fast. Sorry I havent checked on you in a while. The computer...just gave out. But now Im back to see those cute dimples!!! Love the new hair cut