Tuesday, October 17, 2006


With all the excitement of getting out It has taken me a while to post these pictures. I really wanted to share them because this was one of our BEST days in Guatemala. Maria and Pepe picked up Stephanie and then Kya and I and took us to Maria's parents mountain Home. (Maria is the manager of the B&B I live in...Pepe is her boyfriend...woops I mean Kya's boyfriend haha...and Stephanie is from Switzerland she came here to go to language school) We had a cook out with steak, salad, potatoes, corn on the cob, and homeade apple pie...and then we played games....It was so nice and it reminded me of a day with the family at home. By the way we played scrabble and me and Maria were a team and we WON....We were the Total UNDERDOGS...Everybody we were playing with knew 6 languages...Maria knows three and I only know ONE...Thank goodness we were playing scrabble in ENGLISH. The best part of the day was watching Pepe teach Kya to play pool. She loved being on the pool table and Maria and I loved taking pictures of her.

WHAT? How did I know we would get out of PGN on Friday the 13th? Oh wait thats right 13 is my favorite number and Kya seems to love it too...

Maria took this picture of Miss Kya Papaya...and it cracks us up!!!

3-10-06....UMMMM oh yes My Birthday...my mommy will use anything she can get her hands on for props but I wish she would get her hands off my Pool Balls !!!

ESPN here I come...tune in for the Baby Pool Championship Tournament...first place gets free formula, diapers, Hot Fudge Sundays, and a pink baby Hummer....woo hoo...for a whole year. Am I going to have to pay taxes on that MOM?

Love at first site...Kya listening intently to Pepe explain the rules of the game...Ok so I take this stick right here....WACK that orange ball into the bag...NO PROBLEM MAN

Ok Pepe...I will GAZE at you while you show me how its done.

What do I do with this 8 ball...hey Pepe what do you think about girls who wear there hair like pebbles...because I think I am falling in love with you....you better watch our Maria...well Maria I will let you keep him because I am going home to be with my DADDY...But Pepe I will never forget our day of Pool...hehehehe

Can't I just roll the balls in the bags...


The McKenzie Crew said...

It is so good to see you having fun and sooo happy> i don't think I have seen you smile that big since about last May!


PaPa Murnan said...

That's my granddaughter. I told you she was gifted, he she is showing everyone her skills are just as awesome as she is herself. In case you didn't notice, she "ran the table"...of course. Looking forward to our airport party and my first "hands on" experience. Remember who loves you most.

Anonymous said...

Yes, angel baby, you must pay taxes. You're an American now, and although it is the best country on earth, you will now pay taxes FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!