Saturday, October 07, 2006

My Pearly WHITES

The next few days I am posting Pictures we took on Sat October 7th. This is a typical day for KYA......Getting Spoiled Rotten by all the staff at the Lions Inn. First Maria came in to play. Kya's face lights up when ever any of them walk throught the door. I really don't know what we would do with out Maria. She is SO good to us and has become a very dear friend to me and Kya Blu. She takes her time to help us with anything we need. She went to the Dr's with us twice this week. She also took us to the best MALL here on THUR and we were in heaven. It was so much fun. I bought Kya some toys and clothes...OF COURSE. Then we went to meet Maria's family and her boyfriend Pepe. Then we went to TGIF. It was a GREAT day and I really needed a GREAT day. That morning Maria and Pepe took me to get my Passport re-stamped at the immigration office I could have never done it with out there help. There was a little boy about 5 in the Immigration office just sitting in one of the chaires by himself. We asked the girls behind the plexy glass why he was there, and the pointed to the TV....that was also behind the glass. Cartoons were on. He is a street kid and they let him in everyday to watch Cartoons. He really touched my heart just sitting there watching cartoons and he can't even hear them. I gave him all the coins I had with me...he was so SHOCKED...he looked up and in spanish said FOR ME I said yes baby and his eyes got so big and he said GRACIS.....jumped up faster than a speeding bullit and ran out the door where there was a man selling candy and snacks.....the little boy was jumping up and down with a HUGE SMILE on his face and he picked out what he wanted. I would have to say this was the Highlight of my day and something I will never forget. God has blessed me with the best of friends here Velveth and Maria Isabel!!!

See guys I really do have TWO teeth!
Maria is so great mommy...she lets me chew on her fingers and wants to play all the time!
Get me a Toothbrush!
This is no SIESTA...more like a PARTY!!! Nana mommy bought me these PJ's because she said they were SO YOU! UP
And Away


Rhonda Perry said...

Loved your story about the little boy. Of course, Kya is just as beautiful as always.

Anonymous said...

Nana say: Kya you make my heart fly!! I do love the outfit--Nan love the Siesta Man--but U sissy Miriah will say he's cryin not napping--Mia always wanted to know why the Siesta Man was crying. Now I know--He is crying for you to bring him home to OKLAHOMA!!! P.S. Bring Nana some of those PJs too!! We can be twinkys!

Aunt LaLa said...

How adorable!!! And her cute little teeth... Miss you guys soo much.. Can't wait to hold miss Kya... Ok, your story bout makes me cry!!! That poor little boy....
Love ya,
Aunt lala

Steph said...

Candy, I just got all choked up reading your story about that little boy. And of course, it goes w/o saying that Kya is as gorgeous as ever!!

The McKenzie Crew said...

Brings back memories of our day by the Marriott Pool -

You girls may have some stress - but it does not show - you both look great! I love your little teeth Kya Blu!


The McKenzie Crew

The McKenzie Crew said...

Hey Ky-Ky - I just realized you are 7 months old now - I wonder if you remeber me? I was the really cute guy with big muscles (baby fat) that came to visit you at the Marriott - You are very pretty and I really like your dimples (don't tell Gia I said that!)
Anyway I am Johyn-Bryan - the best looking little boy to every leave Guatemala - look me up if you are ever in North Carolina babe!
Happy 7 monthiversary!

You are Too Cute!,

Love Ya Babe,

John-Bryan Matthew McKenzie