Monday, October 30, 2006

Kya's Time Line

Kya Blu Angelica Murnan...Born in our hearts...and here is her Adoption Journey Timeline

Home Forever NOVEMBER 1st 2006
October 13th 2006 OUT of PGN
SEPT 5th 4th KO ...Not told of this KO
AUG 23rd Re-Submitted
AUG 21st 3rd KO
AUG 23rd Re-Submitted
AUG 21st 3rd KO
July 31st Re-Submitted
July 28th 2nd KO
July 24th Re-Submitted
July 21st 1st KO for no PA
June 20th Pre Approval
Went into PGN waiting on Pre-approval
June 1 2006
171H approval goes to Guatemala
May 6 2006
Going to Foster Kya Blu
May18 2006
Kya's Family Court Interview
May 23 2006
Kya's DNA Done and Out of Family Court
May 29 2006
Dinner with Kya & Guatemala Family
April 23 2006
Went to Kya's Dr. Visit
May 26 2006
Going to Hold Kya
3pm in GC April 21 2006
INS Fingerprinting
April 20 2006
Kya 1 Month Birthday
April 10 2006
Heard Kya's voice for the First Time
April 7 2006
Mailed Kya Presents!
April 6 2006
Kya is Our Baby Girl
OUR BABY : March 23 2006
Dossier sent to Guatemala
April 5 2006
Dossier to Guatemala Consulate in Houston
March 31 2006
Talked to Patricia Kya's Foster Mom She is Wonderful
March 30 2006
OKC Dossier Certified
March 30 2006
Mailed Homestudy to INS
March 27 2006
Saw Kya's Picture 4 the 1st Time
March 22 2006
Kya Blu Angelica
BORN ON : March 10th 2006

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