Friday, October 27, 2006

Nightmare on Guate Street....

We are ALIVE...but its been along and winding road. Wednesday Oct 25th we went to get Kyas Passport. Our Attorney was over an hour late and then while we were stuck in the passport office for 2 hours Kya started throwing up. After my attorney dropped me off at the hotel...My FRIEND PePe picked us up and took us to the embassy DR. By the time we got there she had terrible diarrhea. He watched her at his office for about 2 hours and then told me we would have to admit her to the HOSPITAL!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! We have spent the last few days in the Hospital here in Guatemala City. I would have never made it through with out my friends here and there families. They got me the things I needed, translated for me and took me too and from the hospital. Shawn tried to come down but got stuck in Houston at the airport because of weather. We got out of the hospital today and checked into the Westin. Kya is a bit better but still having stomach problems. We have been delayed getting home but hope to get to come home this week. I did of course take my Camera to the Hospital so here are a few pics...YES she really was very sick...but still my Happy Baby Girl!!!

I am just as cute in this Hospital gown as I am in my fancy smancy clothes!!!

Kya had to be hooked up to an IV the whole time to get fluids to stay in her. It broke my heart when they put it in. She would not leave it alone and kept eating the tape.

Our first night...I am sure glad they got her a more stylin PINK gown the next night...hehe

Maria Izabela and PePe came to visit and as ALWAYS...PePe had Kya flashing her SMILE!

Hey Mom...Climb on in. Kya had no clue what to think about this bathtub you can see by the look on her face.

Had to take this sign off her door...the first time I say her name PRINTED as a MURNAN

Can we take Maria and Pepe home with us mommy?

See you all real SOON!!!


ginger said...

I am so glad that Kya is doing better. That poor thing. I was in GC last week and was so sick when I got home. I really thought I was going to die. Must be something going around down there. Anyway, I am praying that you guys get PINK soon. You need to get that little doll home.

Rhonda Perry said...

Oh my goodness Candy- I'm so sorry about your BIG mishap. She is such an angel baby though. I'm so glad for the update! Can't wait to hear you're going home. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Candy!!! Sooooo sorry to hear about all the probs...Nana filled me in late Fri .... Saw G-Mom today...she is much better... She can hardly wait to be at the airport...Charlie also..said he wouldn't miss it...Tell Shawn that was a heck of a learning experience with Kya and the sheets.... I'm sure that is will never happen again....take care kids and we will see you very, very, soon. Love ya bunches, Auntie Carroll

The McKenzie Crew said...

Girl - I knew something was up! I was worried about you guys - POOR KYA!! and Poor Momma:) - Glad you guys are at least out of the hospital - Prayers for you and Kya to get home SOON!!!

Steph said...

Candy, you must have been a wreck worrying. But she does look so delicious even in a hospital gown! I'm so glad to hear Miss Kya is feeling better - now get that baby HOME!!

Shana said...

Oh, Candy- I'm so sorry you and Kya had to experience this. I'm so glad she is feeling better and was such a cheerful little patient.

Wishing you a speedy & safe trip home!!
Shana ;)

Andrea said...

i am dso glad to hear that you guys are okay, though a little worse for wear. She is just gorgeous, no matter what color hospital gown :) We can't wait for you guys to get home!

Feel better Kya Blu!!

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

THANK GOD you guys are okay.. YOu don't know it because I don't comment often but I check your blog daily and was worried sick.

Glad to see those happy smiles again.

Mackenzie's Forever Family

Angel said...

You poor things! :0( I am going to be at San Carlos tommorrow through Wed if you need to get out for awhile! :0) Angel

Anonymous said...

Gosh...What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!