Monday, October 02, 2006

Just Ky Ky and Ki KI

Oh How I love this Baby GIRL....especially when she says MA MA all day long. Some friends were over and took these pictures of us.. Kya more interested in the BALL than the pictures
Kinda a SMILE from Kya but not really
There's that smile we all love....
Hhehy Kya where did your smile go?

Kya Blu that looks like a little little stinker poo


Rhonda Perry said...

Candy and Kya Blue-

Sorry to hear that you are under the weather Miss Kya. Hopefully you and your mommy will get good sleep tonight and tomorrow will be better.
I am praying for you now.
Love the new pics. Her smile is definitely beautiful!
Love you much!

Anonymous said...

Could she be any cuter?? Seriously? I am praying for you guys. Can't wait to see that good news post I know you are waiting for. Could you please PM on the forum where you get her bows? I LOVE THEM and want some for my sweetie for the next visit trip. Mindybeth6

The McKenzie Crew said...

Hang in there girly girls! The CREW is praying for you and I know lots of other folks are too - you are right - the entire process is COO_KOO!
It is not fair and you should be home -
Hoping and praying for good news soon!!
I cannot believe how much that little Bit has grown! She is too cute!


Diane said...

Hi to all!!!Just wanted to say hang in there and we Love you all and are praying for you..Just remember the best things in life are worth waitng for. Despite the wait you still look so very, very, happy!!! All my love

PaPa Murnan said...

Great pix of both you girls. We all miss you and are ready to party at the airport in Tulsa when you arrive home. We are praying that is very soon indeed. KiKi you kiss KBAM and tell her it is from PaPa who loves her most.

Anonymous said...

I keep praying that you escape from PGN for good. I can't imagine how you are hanging in there...but then again, she's just too cute for words! Those of us still here, waiting, soooo love seeing your daily updates. Thank you so much for sharing your days with makes the time a "bit" better.

Waiting for Flora!

meme murnan said...

Love you two!!! It looks like Kya's hair is really growing long. You will be able to braid it before long. We are praying to hear some better news today. The boys weren't happy about the news yesterday. Caleb has won all their soccer matches so far. This makes him very happy. Its about time to go pick them, so I will talk to you later.