Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Banana Rama

When we went to the MALL...I bought Kya some toys. I let her pick them. It was SO cute. Maria and I would hold two toys in front of her and let her choose. Well there was a BANANA and a ORANGE. If you know me very well you know I LOVE ORANGE! So I wanted her to pick the ORANGE...but she went for the BANANA everytime. So WE GOT THE BANANA. BUT we are going back to get the orange this week. Toys are so expensive here..that Banana was Q120...which is about $20....CRAZY!

I hope I don't get a BIG HEAD all they do is sit around and talk about how CUTE I AM!!!
This is My BANANA...My new favorite toy
Can you see the GLARE from behind the mask...Kya really did not like these breathing treatments!
Hey Chiketa Banana you taste GOOD to me...the Banana is so cool you can peel it.
After the tell me how CUTE I am they grab the camera so they can PROVE it to others!
I really LOVE this SHOW...Elmo, Barney, Backyardigans, J.J. and Lazy Town


Anonymous said...

Nana say: Dayo! Daaaaayo! Daylight gone and Kya wanna go home!!! (Banana Boat song if anyone is wondering) HA!
Kya, you Nana's little "fruitcake" u pics make Nana wanna kiss those little chubby apple cheeks right off! Be Blessed and may God give you Grace while we are all waiting for you to come home to us.

The McKenzie Crew said...

OK - what the heck is going on in Guatemala and what do we need to do to get y'all home??


Carrie said...


I have the same toy. My mommy got it at home in CT. It is my favorite too. She got it for me because I am Savannah Banana. You need a papaya. I don't know if they make them.



PaPa Murnan said...

You are PaPa's girl for sure with that breathing mask. PaPa has one too so we can wear them together and show the rest of the world just how much fun oxygen can be. I can see it now, Kya and PaPa on a bench breathing through our masks..a true Kodak moment!

Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

Ok Papa thats the funniest comment yet....I am totally CRACKING UP...that would be a Kodak Moment...and I bet you could see the home of the Ravens from that BENCH...HAHA

PaPa Murnan said...

Special to Kya's Mommy...Your attitude is just as big a blessing as Kya Blu. Kya and Shawn are both lucky to have you in their lives as are the rest of us. Your reward for this past few months will be the rest of your life with an angel. As for the "Home of the Ravens", if you lean just a bit to the left on the bench you can see it clearly. Love you KiKi, you're a real hoot.

Stacey said...

Kya's expression with the mask on is priceless!!! You can really tell that she hates it. Just wait until she is 13 and you tell her she can't have the $300 jeans that she realy wants, you will see that same face again! Your house looks really good with what Shawn did to it.... just incase its a surprise!