Saturday, October 07, 2006

Jaunita To The Rescue!!!

Miss Jaunita came in next to play with me. She and Miss Patti take such good care of me and my mommy....we really want to take them home with us. Anything and I mean anything we need they get for us...but whats better than that is how much they love ME. They play with me, sing to me, dance with me and love on me all day. I love them and they always make me SMILE. They have such wonderful hearts and both of them have big families. Miss Jaunita has 9 children and Miss Patti has 7.....they help me so much with Kya....and they cook an AWESOME breakfast!

Yes I am the CENTER of ATTENTION here too!!!
These are MY GIRLS...Jaunita, Maria Isabel, and Patti....they are my family here in Guatemala!
Go OU beat TEXAS!!!
Jaunita reading a Magizine with Kya Azul
I love my LIFE mommy!!!
I love this picture because you can tell by the look on Jaunita's face how much love she has for Kya.
Mommy How did we get so lucky? We have the most wonderful people to be our family while we are here in Guatemala.


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Anonymous said...

Nana say: Looks like Kya gathering her own Posse--like Mother like Daughter! Kya, Nana got some stories to tell you bout your Mommy and her Posse!! Told u ther would be payback Candance! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Nana also say: May God Bless and Keep Ms Juanita and Ms Patti and Ms Maria and their families--for including Candy & Kya Blu as a part of your own families. You ladies bring joy to this Mother's heart for your love and kindness.