Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

I want to start by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD TOAD!!! Today would have been my Grandpa Paiges 84th Birthday. I have to say that today was my roughest day here so far. I can't even stop crying to write this. I missed my Grandpa so much and was hurting so bad not being able to be there for my Grandma today. I have hit the spot were I am past the point of just wanting to go home....I have to go home and take KYA BLU to the rest of her family. Shawn had to leave today as well and it is just getting too hard on us to be apart. We just knew we would get out last week and Friday came and went and still NO NEWS. This whole process is totally unfair and emotionally draining and I am so OVER IT. I just don't understand why we are STUCK here. I would like to share something I wrote to my Grandpa Paige for his 82nd Birthday Bash.
What I Have Learned From My Grandpa
I will live my life for the Lord just like You.

When I answer the phone I say Hi, Hello, How are you, some more on Que.

Doing what she says to do when she says to do it is something I better do when I am taking orders from you know Who.

Sitting in my recliner and eating at the “Lick um Goodie Brand Diner” listening for the words “its ready” is one of my favorite things Too.

I hope my memory lets me remember all that you do when I’m Eighty Two

Watching the squirrels, birds, and neighbors will give me something to Do.

I’ll know that arguing with my spouse as a form of entertainment is nothing New.

Now for the most important thing I will always remember to do because of you. Can you guess what that is?

Cheer for OU !!!
These Pictures and this Post is dedicated in your memory Grandpa...I will make sure to always tell Miss Kya Blu how you wanted nothing more than to hold her on your lap...while cheering for OU of course!

Hey Grandpa Frog...we missed you today and my mommy told me all about you and how you and Grandma mean the world to her. She said you were one Old Toad and that's just the way she liked you!!! So you see Pat and Jan Ross bought me these Toad PJ's and I am wearing them in memory of you!
Hey Grandpa If you were here I would let you borrow my Bib...Mommy said that you usually get food on your shirt too. I bet Grandma would have made you Brown Beans, Fried Potatoes, Onions and Slaw for your birthday dinner. My mommy says that she has the same taste buds as you....what ever that means.
BEAT NEBRASKA...them Ole cornhuskers!
BEAT TEXAS...chew em to pieces!
What did you say Grandpa Paige...BEAT OSU too...oh I don't think my Nana is going to like that one!
Mommy says that if you were would call me O Kya Blues Murnanz!!! She also says you would make me a bag swing and build me a tree house.
Happy Birthday GRANDPA...we love you so much and you will live in our hearts forever!!!


Rhonda Perry said...

candy paige murnan-
i did not need to see this before i went to bed. made my cry. you are so special with the way you tell people how you really feel about them. your poem to your grandpa was too cute. One day we'll all get to introduce these new babies to the people who left us too soon. we'll be just one happy family with our SAVIOR and maybe your grandma will fix us all some fried potatoes and for my good ole dad's taste buds we'll have a big ole ribeye steak!

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy-
I follow your blog all the time, but today you moved me to comment.
You are so lucky to have had such a wonderful grandpa!
My dad just passed away a month ago and I know how you feel in regards to Kya not meeting her great grandpa. I do believe that my dad (and your grandpa) have already had the pleasure of seeing our children. They have their very own guardian angels.
I pray you get out this week.
I would even like to see you get out before me. You have done your time. Hang in there!.
Amber Brove (mom to Dulce and Jay the Juggler)
P.S. we just went in to PGN for real this time?!?!?! Don't ask.
On September 12th.
Kya is gorgeous!

Ashley said...

Candy - I am praying you are OUT this week!! Maybe NOT hearing anything will bring you good news!

Becky said...


I am one of those random Okies who accidentally stumbled onto your site.. ('course I don't believe in accidents, so guess it must have been GOD!! {grin})

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you I will be praying for you and Kya (and the whole family) until you are safely back here on the Okie red dirt again!

Maybe we can meet sometime in person one day, my nephew is from Guat, too... it's been 6 yrs since he came home and I bet he'd LOVE to see Kya.

We remember the days of waiting and praying and hoping and waiting and praying some more... PGN was definitely a 4 letter word here somedays.

Gimme a buzz anytime, I am here in the OKC metro. Ya gotta friend back here praying you OUT this week!!


::Sooner born & Sooner Bred... GO OU, BEAT TEXAS!!:: woot woot!!!

Lisa said...

I don't have any words of wisdom for you other than I am praying that you get your out this week. I cannot imagine how you are doing it. I was amazed when I met you in May and you said you were going to be down there away from your husband that long....Try to focus on that beautiful little girl and the new things that she is doing everyday that many in the process don't get to see.

Try to hang in there and we are thinking of you.

Lisa and Chase

Tera said...

Hello Candy.

My heart goes out to you as I read this post. I am so sorry that you are not OUT. Lord, please let Candy and Kya go home.

What a beautiful tribute your grandpa.

Thinking of you...God bless.