Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lions Inn #3

A few more pics of Kya and our home away from home!

WOW mom our new casa is Grande....
Discovery Kids the only channel we get right? hehe....This is also used as our diaper storage area.
The Big Dinning Room...we are going to eat here when Daddy gets here.
Our Bed...pushed up against the wall...because Kya sleeps with Mommy and oh yes, that is Mrs. Bunny on the bed...what would we do with out her.
Kya playing in the Pack-N-Play here at the Lions Inn for the first time!
Meeting Miss Patty and wondering where the heck is Miss Lydia...hey Mom whats going on here? I think it took Kya and I a few days for this to feel like home. We were so used to being at the Marriott.

Lounge Chairs on the upper Deck

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