Monday, September 11, 2006

Duck Duck Goose!

Did I mention...I love Kya Blu in Pig Tails...hehe

The Serious DUCK!
The Silly DUCK!
Yup...You guessed it...the GOOSE!
Enough with the pictures...I know you waited 10 months for me to wear this outfit...but really mom...let me get down and PLAY!
No It Does Not Get Any Cuter Than This!!!


PaPa Murnan said...

An old song from the 60's says it all..."You are my special angel, sent from heaven above". Truer words were never spoken. Kya Blu we can't wait to hold you and smother you with the love of our entire family. Two grandsons and now a granddaughter..Am I a lucky Papa or what?

Carrie said...

Just ducky!!! How adorable Kya is in her outfit and pigtails!

Carrie and Savannah

Aunt LaLa said...

I love those pig tails!!!! She is adorable!! Can't wait for you guys to get home... We have lots of fun things to do when you get home!!! Love you!

MAMB said...

What a cutie! (I have that dress for our little one!)