Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cheetah Girl...

We went to a party at my friend Denices home this week. There were 14 moms and 14 babies. It was very fun and the food was awesome.
This is Kya's party animal outfit!
a picture for JAKOB
Yes I know I should be in VOUGE Magizine!
Maria and Kya before our big party!
Hello..Yes my shoes and my bow matches my pants.
My Little Party Animal... PURRRR!
Every time I laugh I stick my had in my mouth so my Mom can't get a good picture..
JaKob....this is for you...Don't you have these same PJ's...You should try a bow with them...hehe it will match your Dora Shoes...Love ya Cuz


Aunt LaLa said...

I LOVE The outfit!! Like mother, like daughter!!! I think the first pic is my favorite!! I love the expression... She is getting so big... Sitting up like a big girl.. Can't wait to hug and kiss you pretty girl!!
Love you both...

Anonymous said...

Jakob--Nana say: Zoom Zoom!!! Can't wait to see u and Kya in your jammies together--precious memories!
Kya--Nana say: Here Kitty Kitty, come to Nana!

Andrea said...

Omygosh I love her in that outfit!! It's just adorable. And her hair is great. She is just the cutest thing in the world!

Jenn said...

That outfit is the cutest!

Dayngr said...

Please let us in on the secret! Where do you find all of these adorable clothes?

The McKenzie Crew said...

Lordy Girls - I thought y'all had fell off the earth! haha - it is good to hear from ya! That Kya is one fashion Diva~~Erin sends a hug back. She has a picture of herself holding Kya in her room up on her bulletin board. She has shown all of her buds! Yes - JB is a little man. He is a good baby and the sweetest thing. He gives good hugs and has just started to really like to snuggle up. That was a long awaited bonding issue with this Mamma! Take care and keep in touch - Looks like Holly and Gia are going home in the morning - a long awaited journey:) I hope you guys get out next! And Michelle and Jacob too! Wishing you girls fun in the sun in Antigua!!

Love Y'all

Julia and the crew!

PaPa Murnan said...

Jakob and Caleb can't wait to take Kya trick or treating for halloween but PaPa just wants to have some "hands on" time with KBAM.

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

you're daughter is tooo cute.

I love looking at your blog.