Sunday, September 10, 2006

ENOUGH with the new house already..Who wants to see Kya Papaya!!!

Here she is as silly as ever the one and only KYA PAPAYA!!!
What up DOGG!!! Yup thats right I am wearing my PJ's and Flip Flops..taking my fashion advise from my mommy...hehe
My first FLIP FLOPS...thanks Nana
THE KYA LOOK....She is thinking...Don't even try to take me out of this walker MOM!
Mirror Miror on the wall..who's the fairest of them all!
Hum....Should I chew on my passy holder or this brush...such a tough choice!
MINE ALL MINE...her new HOT PINK walker.
Another KYA LOOK....everyone here at the Inn Loves Kya's Ribbons
Do you see what I see...hehehe


Stacey said...

What cute pics! I can't wait to kiss those dimples of Kya's!!!!

soltana said...

I LOVE HER HAIR!! I look on here just to see how cute her hair is for the day. Your "new home" looks very nice. But I know you wish you were really home. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Carrie said...

Kya is so cute! That is so funny that you call her Kya Papaya, because we call Savannah, Savannah Banana.

How do you get the bows to stay? Savannah's hair is so silky and thin. She just has a lot of it, but I can barely get anything to stay. What is your secret?

We will come visit you guys in Antigua when we get our papers!!!

My husband thinks he saw your husband on the Continental fight on Labor Day to Houston--any chance? He has seen your blog a lot and how cute Kya is!

My e-mail is

Carrie and Savannah Banana

kristi said...

We will have to share bows when Kya gets home. I think Sophi Kate still might have a few more than Kya! HEHE. kristi

Anonymous said...

Those are some seriously cute flip flops (and the little toes in them)!

Anonymous said...

Nana say: Finally!! I get to see my sweet toesies in those flip flops--too adorable as I knew they would be--only thing better is if Nana was there to kiss those toesies too!!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!! Nana luvs u new wheels!! Hot Pink and Sassy just mad for Kya Blu!!

Anonymous said...

Nana also say: Don't u think it's funny--the pic of her flip flop-with her piggy toes showin--the leg of her jammies say "Piglet" HA! Did u plan that Candandy??