Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lake Rats

We spent last Saturday with my good friend Velveth and her family. They have been truly wonderful to me while I have been her in Guatemala. Velveth wants to make sure I see as much of "her Guatemala" as I can while I am here. She only gets one day off a week and has spent a lot of those with me taking me and Kya all over Guatemala City. She had been wanting me to come to her house for dinner and we hope my time here is almost over so we decided we better get it done. The Lake was fun and I tasted all kinds of food...something called CRAZY CORN..which is corn on the cob with Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard and rolled in Parmesan cheese...YUCK for me. I did like the roasted corn with lime and salt though. Then I got a coconut that you stick the straw in and drink it. And then I tried all kinds of candy from vendors there. Then we went to Velveths and ate Tamales....She LOVES THE TAMALES...On the way to her house she asked me if I knew why some of the houses had a red light out in front...I said Ummm Hookers...they died laughing...what it means here is FRESH TAMALES made here. It was FUNNY. It is a tradition to eat tamales on Saturday nights in Guatemala and you can buy them at any home that has a red light on.

Velveth, Kya Blu and the SKY RIDE at Lake Amatitlan
Velveth's Hubby Rapheal and her daughter Sophia...Riding HIGH!!!
Some of the boats on the lake I liked all the bright colors of the boats
But not the GREEN and I mean GREEN water! This lake in the 70's was the HOT SPOT for all the Rich and Famous here in Guatemala but then the lake went down hill so there are mansions all along the lake that were abandon and now they are all run down.
They are working on the lake just opened for people to see 6 months ago.
These are some of the NICE HOMES built in the 70's and then abandoned...when the lake got YUCK! It is crazy to see such Nice Homes and a lake that pretty in such bad shape.
Are You seeing SPOTS...I was for sure when I found out not only does the SKY RIDE go over the green lake but also UP the Mountain...HIGH

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