Sunday, September 24, 2006

In case it's just another MANIC MONDAY!!!

Well I know a lot of us could use a good LAUGH this Monday morning so here you go!!! I put Kya Blu "ANGELICA" in her bumbo chair to watch Backyardigans while I washed her bottles before bed...remember this is all right before bed...does she look tired to you? I don't know where she got this move from...but they were doing the LIMBO on the Backyardigans...So I guess Kya thought she would give it a try.

I am still down here mommy...see what a good girl I am turn back around PLEASE!
UH UH UH....HI MOM....NO I am not Up to anything at all...HeHeHe
WHOOO HOOOO its a free for all down here!
Well I have been BUSTED so I guess I will just go back to chewing on these stinkin Keys!
Oh yea..I was having FUN and she ran for that thing that FLASHES IN MY FACE! So Now I am sitting here contemplating what my next move should be.
Can you see the CRAZY look in my MOM'S eyes...We are two squirrels going NUTS to get out of PGN!!!
Well She is laughing really hard so I guess I will show her my TRICK again!!!
If YOU could see what I see....Everyday...YOU couldn't help but SMILE too....Kya is my little squirrelly Q Girly Q


Aunt LaLa said...

Kya is just practicing her moves, for when she becomes a gymnast... She is so cute!! Luv you guys

Anonymous said...

Nana say: Kya be nimble,Kya be quick, Kya go under da limbo stick!! Get on Dat Banana Boat and Come Home!!

Andrea said...

I love the look on her face in the first picture when she's all stretched out. She is just gorgeous. C'mon PGN man- let this precious bugaboo go HOME!!

PaPa Murnan said...

My granddaughter is not only a SUPER MODEL but now she is showing her gymnastic moves. Olympics, magazine covers, or maybe Broadway, with my girl the sky is the limit. Remember Kya, PaPa loves you most.

Stacey said...

Looks like Kya is growing up and soon will be out of that chair. Her hair is getting so long!