Wednesday, February 06, 2008


WOW...I would have to say that TODAY was one of the most perfect peacefull days we have had as a family. I am going to break todays pictures into two posts...because FIRST we ReAdopted Kya Blu and then we celebrated Daddy turning 40. Today really meant so much to us changing Kya's name to what we have been calling her her whole life. Today was just about our family and how much we love each other and how we make each other stronger. I saw something in Kya today...a real change...she has become a little person...not a baby. I am so proud of her attitude, her personality, and her confidence in who she is. She WOOED the whole court room and was just so STUNNING and SHINED like the little STAR she is. She really hammed it up. We had a great judge who really let Kya ham it up...when we walked up to the stand...first thing Kya did was wave at her and say HI...then every question they asked us...all of which the answer was YES...Kya would say NO and then one could keep a straight face...when it was Over Kya waved and said in her OKLAHOMA TWANG...BYE BYE to all her new FANS!!!

OH GIRL...OH GIRL...we are going to RE ADOPT ME TODAY

Mommy and Dede seem pretty excited and we all got dressed it must be FUN there

Oh here we are at the court house....tell me again mommy, WHAT THE HECK IS A COURT HOUSE?

I am SO HAPPY I have to sit on my hands to keep from waving them DEDE taught me that FUNNY SAYING


Mommy and Dede gave me a TON of Besos today....thats a PLUS to Re Adoption Day
Our Murnan Clan Minus ONE
I love when Dede carries me...see the BIG CHEESE

BOOOW Kya scaring our attorney and everyone else in the court room

Us with the Judge after the Re Adoption
Ok who should we call first to tell them I am now KYA BLU ANGELICA on PAPER
Hello...Jenna, Gaby, Caleb, Arianna, Brayden, Kade, Ruby, Bella, Sam, Sophie Kate, Hannah, Tessa, Savannah, DID YOU ALL HEAR...Yes I have been Re Adopted no Arianna mommy said I can't come play today...BUT she said we will be playing together really soon...Oh and Plesas give BESOS to that Little Hottie brother of yours...I have had my eye on him for a while...Kya Blu Angelica Murnan Nyblom...yes girl it has a nice RING to it doesn't it
Yes it was pretty fun...I had a WHOLE lot of people to show off in front of and there were these fun benches to crawl on and I was like scaring everyone and it was so funny
Mommy is Bunny still going to be Bunny...or will he now be Kya Blu Bunny Murnan???

This is the Poem that my Grannie gave to Kya Blu...Grannie wrote it herself! It is perfect for today...because today is ALL ABOUT KYA BLU and in the end ALL ABOUT THE LITTLE DOODLE BUG GOD BLESSED US WITH...SO ITS ALL ABOUT HIM!

It’s all about me
I came into this world, so happy and free, I learned so quickly, it’s all about me.

New Years, the fire works, all shouting with glee, I knew it surely, was all about me.

February here comes Valentines, mostly given to me, you see I think life is all about me.

March comes the Spring time, happy and free, my family shows me around see its all about me.

April is Easter all dressed for people to see, I told you again, it’s all about me

May comes Mother’s day, mother, I helped her to be, with all the ball games, rehearals, recitals, drama, parades, they all came to see, me.

June brings the weddings, ring bears, flower girls they will all need guess who, they want? They want me.

July the fire works, they all want me to see, so I still think, It’s all about me.

August is summer, pool fun it will be, birthdays, and parties, treats just for me.

September labor day, grandparents day, they all want me to see, their lives are all wrapped around me.

November its Thanksgiving, they all want me to see, they are all so thankful, just to have me.

December it’s Christmas, of all the gifts given to me, can you see why I think Life is all about me?

I’m grown now, wth all of life’s reality, I ask God, was life really, all about me? He said, my child, life is really all about, ME


merkley4 said...

Congratulations to the Murnan Family!! I am so happy for you all I am sitting here in tears!! God Bless your beautiful family!!

Katie said...

OH MY GOSH ... that poem is PERFECT and AMAZING .... just like your family !!! Luv you all :)

Kerri said...

Congrats!!! What a great day!
Kerri and Ruby

Becca said...

Congratulations! What an awesome day. I LOVE the poem.

Peace and Hugs,

jkay said...

Congratulations Kya!!! WHat a special day, May God bless you, my AMERICAN friend!!!
Love, Jenna

Natalie C. said...

I love the poem, she did a great true.

I am also loving Kya's outfit!

Kya's Granna C said...

What a wonderful day!!!!! I'm so proud of you guys!

Jaime said...

How special! I loved the poem and Kya looks so darling in her outfit! Congratulations!

Jennie Caudle said...

What a blessing she is...She is so adorable..Congrats! Loved the poem.

God Bless

Kelly said...

Congratulations Lil'Miss Kya Blu!!!You are such a doll baby! I love the poem , its beautiful!!!!!

Tracey said...

Hooray! We are so excited for you all. And Miss Kya looks beautiful. I cried reading the entire post. What a great writer Grannie is! We need to re-adopt Kade, but our agency sucks so now we are going to do it ourselves. Bug has been Kade Bradford since the day he was bornbio mom chose the name we had on file) so at least we don't have to do that part.

Cherrie said...

What a wonderful day for your family. Kya is an absolute doll.
She has cutest can see it in the pictures. I can't wait to see pictures of her and the Moose together. They both have the most expressive little baby faces I have ever seen. After reading Jag's blog, I went back to the beginning of Kya's. I am up to December 2006. You must have some super strength to go thru everything you did. I don't think I could do it. God Bless your family, soon everybody will be together!
Cherrie in PA

Anonymous said...

Kya & Jagger's NaNa says: What an Awesome Day! Birthdays don't get any better than this do they DeDe? I know the Doodle put on a show--thanks for capturing it on film for those of us who could not be there with you.
Granna C-your poem is perfect for our little Diva!

Carrie said...

What a super special day! She looks SO beautiful! I so know what you mean.

On an IR3 there is no readoption in CT, so we just brought her papers to the court and the judge approved the name change without us appearing. Kind of anti-climatic, I guess.