Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pepsi Pours It On...HAHAHAHAHAHA

For your VIEWING PLEASURE...just so you all can see WHAT DORKS we really are...this Video is still cracking me up. Obviously the PEPSI machine was BROKE...and when Cassie went to fill her glass it SPRAYED I had to get it on Video...and can you believe I got her to PUSH it two more times...she was SOAKED in PEPSI the rest of the day!

Also to see another FUNNY video of what happens when you try to video your children check out Cassies see Alicia the SINGER knock out her sister and go on SINGING her tune...then she MELTS down when her Dad stops playing the piano to help her sister Carly

Kya is totally HEAD OVER HEALS for her Uncle you can see from the picture

See me MOMMY... Uncle Troy is spending time with JUST ME and I look so BIG
Ok so I play a CORD like this???
OH BOY OH BOY...Uncle Troy is the PIANO ring tone for when Troy calls us
Kya is actually very good on the Piano and playes it right now all rough and loud
THANK YOU UNCLE TROY for Teaching Kya Piano


Anonymous said...

Kya & Jagger's NaNa says: Oh Aunt Cassie--You are crackin me up! You and Candy can find more funny situations than anyone else I know. Thanks for giving me the giggles tonight!
Uncle Troy--did KyKy have a meltdown too when you had to stop playing the piano?? These pics are so adorable!!Priceless Memories!! Bless you!

Angel said...

That video is FUUUUNNY! You two are a riot. :0) Too fun. Kaya looks so sweet and quite smitten with her sweet uncle. Hugs, Angel

Angel said...

Just realized I spelled Kya wrong. Oops. Can't get past all my Kaiya's middle letters! :0)Angel

M & J said...

Kya is too cute!!!

Love the piano pictures. Our son loves to play on the piano with his dad!!!