Monday, February 18, 2008


Tricia and Belinda are CORRECT...5 long hours...we are nuts we waited 1hour and a half just to eat...and no we were't smart enough to put our names on the list when we got there...we waited till after we shopped...but the girls played with there dolls while we waited to eat...Well Me Ky Ky played more with the water fountian.Now guess who got sick after ALICIA...Nope not Me Ky Ky...Me Ky Ky's MOMMY. I got sick right after I posted about Alicia being sick. I have now made it to Cassie's and we had a great day today.
We took it slow today...YEA RIGHT, anyone whow knows us knows when we are together...its always a party. Cassie got up with Kya at 8am and let me sleep to 11am...OH IT WAS SO NICE. Then it was off to lunch at Olive Garden. We hit Anthropoligy, Urban Outfitters, and Target. Next we picked Alicia up from Art and took all three girls to Market Street to Play in the Play area. A little Johnny Rockets for dinner, then the girls went down for bed at 8pm....YES KYA WENT TO SLEEP at 8 goal is to get her on a better sleeping plan while I am here. Ok BLOGGER IS TOO SLOW for me here a few pics from today I have to get my sleep because I am sure Kya will be up with the CHICKENS and tomorrow the Momma's around here are getting there hair done at TIGI...

BIG STUFF...walking on the wall

BUT still taking time to SMELL THE FLOWERS


Don't even think about taking me Bunny

Carly and Kya RUNNIN and RUNNIN
Ok this was WAY TOO FUNNY...she does not like to ride or sit on things like this...So she put Bunny on the DONKEY and tried to get him to MOVE HIS LAZY BUTT and take BUNNY on a ride...she pushed and pushed and I laughed and laughed


Me Ky Ky took a bath with Alicia and then with Carly

YOU can't see Me Ky Ky's Jammies but they have Guitars on them and say ROCKER BABY...and all she wanted to play with was the Guitar Case...hehe

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Anonymous said...

Kya & Jagger's NaNa says: O What a Hoot!! I think if you'd video'd the donkey pics-you could have won America's funniest home videos Mommy! So Kya and so funny! NaNa missin you all sooo much! I am so glad you are having fun Texas style! Many Besos!
And Mommy, I am with Jaggy--Did you make the CALL???