Monday, February 04, 2008


OK MOTOROLA ROCKS...they sent our family to the Super Bowl with all the PERKS for FREE....Thank you Daddy for being a Motorola Customer. OMG...We had a BLAST....everywhere we looked were celebrity's and free food....could a mommy want anything more??? We got to go to Red Carpet parties and concerts and got to have dinner and breakfast with NFL players and coaches. We got to stay in the Patriots Hotel, the Kierland Westin. I really loved the Saturday Night Red Carpet concert with Boys to Men, Earth Wind and Fire, and Foreigner. The Tail Gate Party was awesome too. It was like going to the Fair...but everything, food and entertainment was FREE. We recieved an autographed helmet and football...which will all be Jaggers soon. It must be a requirement of NFL….to be an NFL FOOTBALL PLAYER you have to be HOT. Kya was a BIG HIT too. Everyone in the Hotel knew who she was by the time we left today....MISS PERSONALITY really turned it on!

Speaking of entertainment...check out Jaggers BLOG for the ANONYMOUS ADOPTION NEOPHYTE


Kya Blu....Sporting her Super Bowl 42 PINK JERSEY....Yes Baby Bubby got one too...NO his is not PINK!
Kya LOVES to brush and fix her own hair...she is also into LIP STICK already
Kya's OWN Hair Style...I think it has a 80's twist to it...a little RAT and some Aqua Net????

Getting ready to go see one of Kya's Boyfriends Ayden
Kya and Ayden Play so well together. We had a great time seeing the boys...and WE LOVE YOUR CASA!
OK I TOTALLY LOVE AYDEN...he is such a DOLL and so well behaved...Check out his hair...Jagger will be sporting this look in about a year or two...LOVE THE MOHAWK

The Million Doller Question was...WHO IS GOING TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL?
Mommy wanted New England to win so more ROCK STARS would be at our hotel..Daddy was going for NY.....because he got to meet and hear Payton Manning speak and now he is a Eli Manning GO GIANTS...Daddy's team WON Super Bowl 42

KiKi and Nana Chillin at California Pizza Kitchen....LOVE their Tortilla Soup
Kya and her MOMMY....SO SILLY
Howie Long and Shawne Merriman at the Motorola Casino Party.
LT looking right at MOMMY....I mean Mommies Camera

Shawn, Shawne Mariman and KiKi
Shawn, Ladainain Tomlinson, and KiKi....I really loved getting to know these players. When LT was asked about Adrian Peterson...his main competator he said Adrain Peterson has run som many yards on us he is probally still RUNNING. It was nice to see how much they all respect each other.
Danavan McNabb with KYA BLU....she was SO funny and really had the whole rooms attention...right now her favorite thing to do is Scare people by saying BOW...which means was no differant with the NFL players...she was not intimadated at ALL....the first thing she said to McNabb was BOW...and he JUMPED and she CRACKED up....Little OLE Kya Blu scaring the pants off of the BIG OLE NFL PLAYERS.

Well Hello there JOE MONTANA...nice to meet you...Oh you have heard about me huh...yes that's right I am the ALMOST FAMOUS Kya Blu
What you think I am the Happiest and Cutest thing you ever SAW....I seem to have that effect on people
At the SATURDAY NIGHT Party we went to we got to see BOYS TO MEN....all I could think about was Aunt LaLa because she LOVES BOYS TO MEN and then the episode of the OC...where Summer listens to BOYS TO MEN to drown in her sorrow....Oh I miss the OC

Mo Town Philly....wooo hooo...Mommy got a ROSE from Boys to Men
YES that is JOEY from NYSYNC....I was totally flipping out....Where was JUSTIN and JC???
Next up at this concert EARTH WIND AND FIRE

I now know where they got the idea for DJ LANCE ROCK on YO Gabba Gabba....It was from Verdine White of Earth, Wind and Fire....he TOTALLY ROCKS....Dance Dance boogie woogie DANCE
Foreigner Lead Singer Kelly Hansen
WHY DID NO ONE Ever tell me that Kelly looks like Steven Tylers TWIN and does all the ST dance moves????

IM HOT BLOODED....Check it and see I got a fever of 103

Feels like the FIRST TIME...Feels like the very first see FOREIGNER
Urgent Urgent EMERGENCY....this lady on the front row is TOO EXCITED and her poor husband stood up on the FRONT ROW with her for 5 hours straight in shoes that hurt his that what they call a Prisoner of Love?

Ryan Seacrest....announcing YOU ARE ALWAYS ON MY MIND???

OK Get your LAUGH out of this....but this is what I saw standing back stage???? Now guess who I thought it was???? I think Cassie would have already jumped over security at this point...hehe
Kya and Nana played at the Hotel while we got to go to the parties and the SUPER BOWL...THANK YOU NANA....for taking time off from work to spend with us and KYA BLU...WE LOVE YOU

Sara Evans was even STAR STRUCK by Willie
Alicia Keys ROCKS the HOUSE
The Pre Show with Alicia Keys....WOOO HOOOO

CONGRATS to ELI and the GIANTS on this Super Bowl and MVP win
The Field
Tom Brady....Have you girls seen the Stetson AD....HOT
The Stage for Tom was too dark to get good pictures
OK I am a DORK but here is a Picture of a Picture....Junior Seau...HOTTEST player in the NFL if you ask KiKi, Kiki, Daddy, and Dad of 7...including 2 year old twins and a Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner


Ashley said...

LOVe the pics Candy! Oh and BTW, I miss the OC. I just saw an episode on the soap channel last night. Sigh!!

angieshaffer said...

Wow! You are so lucky!

Christina said...

Wow, what a lucky girl you were to be around all these handsome men.

Our Family of 5 said...

awesome pics! What great memories!!

Kathy said...

Wow! Looks like a great trip! Love the picture of Kya with Joe Montana.

Tricia said...

You guys are ROCK STARS!!!!! Love all the pictures and it looked like a blast!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelby said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures but I am oh so jealous. Wish I could have been there even tho my boys didn't win..... I would have loved to have watched Kya with all thise guys.

Cindy - Celeste and Jacob's Mommy :) said...

Girl - how in the WORLD did you get to do all these things?
Did Shawn win some contest or something? Things like this do NOT happen to "normal" people!
If all it takes is owning a Motorola phone, I'm going out to get one today! tee hee!!!!!
Man I am jealous... and if you get to go next year - when the CHIEFS are there (hahahaha), will you take me with you!?!?

Soltana said...

WOW you guys look like you had a great time!!

I love all the pics!!!

Cassie said...

my fav pic is of ryan seacrest. he is such a hottie i can't beleive he was there too. what happened to steven tyler? i'm so glad you guys got to do all that. what an awesome present for shawn's 40th coming up really soon.

Carrie said...

How MUCH fun!!! Wow!!! My favorite is Kya in the pink jersey and the pictures of her doing her hair. Can you tell I am not a football fan even though our two local teams played. It would be fun though to see all the stars and be in the hub of it all! What a great experience!

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: OH WHAT A WEEK!!! Celebrity Central itself! We had such an amazing time!! Our gorgeous Miss Kya Blu was the life of the party--and the track star of the lobby!It is very hard to run and giggle at the same time-right BO? She had her own fan club-especially the wonderful ladies in the Motorola Room. A big hug and Thank You to my wonderful kids for letting me be a part of this adventure!! Besos

Coby and Jenne said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I've been waiting to see some pictures! :)


Kim said...

I think I'm most jealous of you meeting LT. I think he is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! :)

Tracey said...

Awesome! What great pics/memories. You are a lucky girl:)

Mike & Michelle said...

Oh my GOSH, what great fun... Looks like you had a great time, thanks for sharing all the pictures, I even told Mike he had to take a look.


Princess D said...

Holy Crap Candy! WOW! You are so lucky. I am jealous and I could care less about football. Love all the pics of you guys with all the players. Kya is too cute. Looks like you all had a great time. Your hubby seems like a lot of fun and a great guy.


Sarah said...

Only one word... WOW!

Cheri and Jesse said...

I am sooooooo completely jealous!! =) Looks like a GREAT time. And how cute is Kya in that pink jersey?!?!?!

Love it!


jkay said...

Such a cute little powder puff football girlie girl! Ronnie says to tell Shawn that he HAS to take him with yall next time!! haha
Call me later,

Jennie Caudle said...

I'm so glad you had a great time. Looks like lots of fun!! Kya is so precious..

God Bless

Kya's Granna C said...

I'm so glad you guys got to do this! C, you are totally adorable and I love you lots! Give lots of besos to Miss Kya. We've got to get together soon! I love you all!

Jaime said...

ok....I am SO jealous!!! It looks like you all had an amazing time! I the pictures and also...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kya and Jagger's daddy! I saw the above posts and the pics of Kya and the b-day banners are too cute.

Stacy said...

Do you SEE what you missed out on by not reading my blog? I DID say that the lead singer from Foreigner looks like Steven Tyler. :-) We saw them in August and they were great. I'm glad you had a good time.