Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lions in the Grass and Neighborhood Picnic

Two LIONS in the GRASS

Alicia the little ANIMAL LOVER

Painting ROCKS...with water and chalk

Kya drawing with Side Walk Chalk
Kya telling Uncle Troy BYE BYE BYE BYE
Kya has carried around the paint brushes ALL WEEK
WHAT IS ALICIA doing to her HEAD???

Her INDIAN Paint
Ky Ky Mommy used to be a ROCK PAINTING PRO too

Kya Blu, Alicia, Emily, and Carly Daye...having a Cains Picnic

Kya LOVES this bread so much it gets BESOS
LOVE this Cains Bread...but even more I love there???
Sweet TEA
Especailly when I get to drink it out of a BIG GIRL GLASS
Kya was a BIG DRINKER at the Picnic...she drank a ton of tea...since mommy let her drink out of the big girl cup!


Tracey said...

Both girls are so freakin CUTE! I can't wait to have WARM weather, the picnic looks so fun!!

Katie said...

Wait, she grew up overnight .. how did that happen !!?? She is a doll :)

Angel said...

What a bunch of SWEETIES!!! I have been lovin the sunshine too till we got HAIL last night! What is up with that??? That is TX for you. If you don't like the weather stick around for a few hours. ;0) I think this weekend is supposed to be nice though. YAY! Hugs, Angel

Natalie C. said...

Yes, I am loving the weather. I never thought being a stay home mom would be this busy. I am always doing something. When are you going home?

Anonymous said...

Kya & Jagger's NaNa says: KyKy, you and Mommy are My Sunshine!! I wish I could have been there watching you having so much fun. These visits to your Tx cousins are making precious memories! Thank you Mommy for recording them in pictures-these pictures tell the story. Besos!

Mamá to the best 2 said...

she is so, so cute! I can't even let my girls drink out of a big girl cup yet, or they end up with all the water on their shirts :D

Carrie said...

Beautiful artwork and girls. Looks like fun.

Savannah is doing the self hug thing with her arms all the time recently.

Does Kya eat the big fat chalk? Savannah does. I would think it tastes yucky.

Becca said...

She looks so grown up! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Peace and Hugs,