Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guate Tot Play Date ROCKS

Guate MOMS take over The Children Musume, Natalie, Wendy, Angel, and Me Ky Ky's Mommy . Girls I love you all so much and REALLY had a blast with you all today. I can't wait to get together again!
Natalie and I met in Guatemala when I was living there with Kya. She was adopting Mia and Caleb. She lost Mia's referral...but believe me I am holding out hope that Natalie is holding Mia again someday. Right now Natalie is doing a domestic adoption and is waiting to be picked by a family. We have remained Close ever since meeting in the good ole Marriott. I am thrilled that Nat is now as STAY at HOME mom so we can hang out more when I am here. I am going to give you all a link to each of there blogs...because if you are not reading them already you may want to go check them out.
Angel and I met through our old MSN Blogs. We started a EMAIL friendship while I was in Guatemala with Kya. It's so funny beacause she used an agency in Tulsa and some of my other Guate Tot Moms in T town are friends with her too. We met in person last time I was in TX. It has been so fun getting to hang out with her and her AWESOME Children. Angel has KK and Zoe Girl. It took one year to get Zoe Home...where is the first place Zoe got to go when she got home??? Well for Princesses LIKE HER they only place that would do..DISNEY WORLD. I love her BLOG and she keeps it REAL. She is now adopting her own little Kaiya from China. Our Kya's are only two months apart.
OH WENDY...where to begin. I met Wendy through the Forum. She is a TOTALY crack up and has a FUNNY BLOG...even with two of the most messed up adoptions on the face of the EARTH. Today she bought her 15 year old Getto Barbie...hehe Katie, Levi her son who get his personality from him mom and her friends daugher Mina...who like my friend Cassies daughters is half Philipino. I have 3 friends who have th WORST cases I have ever heard of and poor Wendy I hate to say is one of them. She is tying to bring two ADORABLE Childen home from Guatemala. The first little boy she started with the Agency got busted but she is still getting to adopt him it is just taking YEARS...and I mean that Litterly. Her daughter REALLY needs to come home after a terraible BLUNT FORCE TRAMA to the head...and still no one will PUSH her case through...It really gets me worked up. I can't wait to see those two children on US SOIL!


Kya trying to SELL ONIONS to Aunt Cassie at the CM

Kya Blu and Zoe share someting VERY SPECIAL...GOTCHA DAY...same day same year. They also just LOVE each other. Zoe is going to be the best big sister and ANGEL is ONE LUCKY MOM.

Wait, Watch, and See...Where Kya and Zoe might get to CELEBRATE there TWO YEAR GOTCH day together this year!!!

The DRAMA QUEEN...thinks its FUN to watch herself CRY in the Mirror

Ky Ky and Mina...Shopping for PRODUCE
Zoe you are the JEWEL...I mean really this girl makes Hannah Montana look LAME...Zoe I know God has the most AWESOME PLANS for you and your life.
Caleb and Kya were born in the same town. Caleb has really grown up and Natalie is doing a great job being his mommy and helping him develop more and more each day. I also go to me Natalies mom...who is just so sweet!
Me Ky totally happy to see her POSSE again
Oh LEVI....he is everything I thought he would be and is going to be a AWESOME big bother to Ahren and Peri Bren when they get home...COME ON LEVI WANTS HIS BROTHER AND SISTER HOME NOW...If not he has go his fighting gear on and will have to ride his pony down to Guatemala and show them who is REALLY BOSS...better take you Totally Rockin Cheerleader Katie with you!

KK....the SOUTHERN BELL GOOD the SOUTH they ride horses instead of BROOMS I guess...hehe
What people thin Brad as cool and as HANDSOME as me...WHATEVER I DON'T THINK SO MAN!!! LOVE THIS JESTER!!! Zoe is a Valentine baby...who is GOWING UP SO FAST
Angel and KK the Leapord GODDESS
KY KY LOVES GETTO BARBIE...So watch out BIG CHUNKY...or you will have a Guate Tot with a MEAN KICK on your hands....OK Katie you ROCK thanks so much for all you help with the kids today...It made it a lot eaiser for the MOM'S to talk.

Caleb and Kya Blu....Lovin the DINO DIG
KK and ZOE Girl...
My new TX Babysitter Katie and Levi the TOO FUNNY...diggin up bones
ZOE girl is so TALL she could peek out of the Top Floor of the PLAY HOUSE
Dora the EXPLORER...SO LOVES HER AUNT CASSIE...I SO LOVE HER AUNT CASSIE TO...WHY becasue she is getting Kya up around 8 am and watching her while MOMMY SLEEPS...I told her I may never go home..hehe


Laurie said...

OMG looks like more fun that anyone could imagine! I don't think I could keep up with you girls., heck yeah I could! Can't wait 'til March 15!

Angel said...

I HAD SOOOOO MUCH FUN! It was a blast. Thanks so much for putting it together Candy. You are just great. :0) Angel

Christina said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time. I look forward to Guatoberfest so that I can spend some time with more Guat mommies. Maybe my little monster will behave this year...LOL.

Christina said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time. I look forward to Guatoberfest so that I can spend some time with more Guat mommies. Maybe my little monster will behave this year...LOL.

Anonymous said...

Kya & Jagger's NaNa says: Wow-What fun! I am so proud of you all. By making the effort to get together you are probably making lifelong friends. You all have so much in common as do the beautiful children. It is fun for NaNa to see how they have all grown each time you get together. Thank you, Md KyKy's Mommy-for getting such great pics for those of us who cannot be there. Besos!

Anonymous said...


It was a blessing meeting you and Kya, Cassie and her daughter, Angel and her family. Thank you for including me.


Natalie C. said...

Thank you so much for getting us all together and I am really hoping you come back in April, can't wait to see ya'll again!

Lucinda Naia said...

I've known Angel for awhile now & visit her blog regularly. She tells me you might know about what is happening in Guatemala with the new process. Anything you could share would be awesome...

You can ask Angel for my personal email or visit my blogs

Anonymous said...

Looks like you girls had a great time! I would have loved to be there with yall! The Guatamommies all look great!! Love the pictures of Kya and Zoe. And Caleb, what a gorgeous boy, well all of the children on your blog were gorgeous!!
Love ya,


Tracey said...

So much fun! I am so jealous, ya'll wanna come to Colorado? :) Beautiful girls and such handsome boys!

Lou said...

I am JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS!!! Why don't you EVER come to Alabama??? I'll get Kya up and let you sleep!!!!!!!!!

Carrie said...

Oh Wow! What fun! What a great group of Guatemamas all together and their adorable kiddos!